Did you hear that clang at 1:11 AM last night? It was the sound of the New World Order shackles hitting the ground. At that auspicious moment – the Masters  #111 on a Masters #11 day (11-09-2016) – Donald Trump was officially declared winner.

And we, the American people, did it. We broke those shackles and have now started to tear down the walls and chains with which the plutocrats of the New World Order have kept us enslaved.

Just like the Britons did on June 24 when they voted for Brexit.  Just like the French did on July 14, 1789 when ordinary folk stormed the Bastille and overthrew their aristocratic oppressors. Fortunately, we and the British people did it peacefully, armed with but a pen or a finger at a ballot box.


Three weeks ago, Spirit guides helped me predict Trump’s victory in three continuous dreams – on Oct 16, 18 and 19 (see NEW WORLD ORDER SNAKES TO BE EXPELLED FROM AMERICAhttp://wp.me/p3QU1S-1TK). Here’s the gist:

“Like Saint Patrick in Ireland, Donald Trump and the American people will drive away from America the New World Order snakes on Nov 8, 2016.”


The night before the election day, I played this symphony in my dream. Literally… fingering and all. It was very vivid. And it felt like a victory song – a joyful celebration. Perhaps an Ode to Trump? A precursor of his victory.


Tonight (Nov 8), as the votes are still being counted across the country, I played it again live. And now, I also want to share it also with you. This is the version I recorded over two years ago as my birthday gift from Mozart. It is one of the most UPLIFTING piece of music ever written. Which was fitting at a time the American people were breaking the shackles of the New World Order.

MOZART SYMPHONY #40 (“ROO SYMPHONY” – now a “NEW DAWN SYMPHONY”) – a film by Bob Altzar Djurdjevic – his 70th birthday gift from Mozart – music recorded entirely on a Clavinova on May 30, 2015 – some video clips from a Mozart concert at the Musikverein were recorded in Vienna on May 17, 2014


* * *


The universe is unfolding as it should and as expected. But at this time of joy and jubilation, we also must stay vigilant. We must not rest until all the New World Order snakes have been driven from our shores or put behind bars.  So we can start to rebuild our society into making America great again.

And to do that, we must not allow the New World Order plutocrats to surround Trump with their minions as they did with Ronald Reagan in the 1981 and beyond. For more on that, see my Oct 23 post:


Will the Same Happen with Trump When He Is Elected? – https://is.gd/mMcRHn

Oct 23, 2016


ALTZAR: Ronald Reagan was the only US president in the last half a century who was not a card-carrying member of the globalist New World Order organizations, such as the Council for Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg Group, for example. Like Donald Trump, he was elected because he was an outspoken critic of such establishment “elites.”

What happened in the aftermath of the Beirut embassy bombing was a perfect example of how these New World Order globalists deal with a popular outsider. They muzzle him by surrounding him with loyal members of their societies which would advance their agendas and interests no matter what a sitting president may think.

Like Caspar Weinberger, for example, Reagan’s Secretary of Defense, who was a member of both CFR and Trilateral Commission. In the end, he and his NWO cronies overpowered the popular president. Reagan was forced to retreat from Lebanon without retaliation because of the NWO-US multinational companies’ oil interests in the region. As a result, 241 American Marines and 58 French paratroopers lost their lives for nothing. Reagan left Lebanon with his tail between his legs despite his initial aggressive rhetoric.

Which is why it will be interesting to see what happens AFTER Donald Trump is elected on Nov 7. Will he allow the NWO bosses to overwhelm him with their picks for cabinet appointments as was the case with Reagan?

We must pray that our new president remains clear-headed about who his true friends and enemies are and does not allow the NWO fifth column anywhere near his White House. And we must also insist that he deliver on his promise to bring Hillary and Obama administration officials to justice as co-conspirators in her crimes (see TRUMP SHOULD REVOKE HILLARY’S PASSPORT – https://is.gd/UCfRF9).



Or start to brown-nose Trump

One of the best things that have happened during the last year of US election is that the lamestream media have become thoroughly discredited.  If there was ever any doubt before that they are nothing but empty suits and dresses in service of the New World Order plutocrats, there should be none left now.

No more TV

The likes of Washington Post, the New York Times, CNN etc. have lied through their teeth throughout the campaign; they have blatantly and unashamedly supported the most corrupt candidate ever to run for president; they have invented bogus stories to smear Trump; some have even paid bimbos to lie about their alleged sexual dalliances with our new president.

In other words, the so-called “mainstream” media have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are trashy whores of the New World Order. The fact that we, the American people, elected Donald Trump president despite their propaganda, is heartening. It means we are not all brainwashed. And that offers hope for America to be beautiful again.

So all we need to do in the future is to continue to ignore the lamestream media stories, shows, and other propaganda packaged as “entertainment.”

How do we do it? Easy. Just cancel your cable TV subscription and keep only the Internet. That’s what I did years ago and have never looked back. First we have to stop the brainwashing before we can start cleansing the minds and teaching the public how to THINK again.

Without us as their audience, these media whores will wither and die eventually just as surely as plums turn to prunes.


The fact that Trump won and did it so convincingly was only a surprise to the arrogant “liberal” media who had been shamelessly bending over backward to push Hillary into the White House.

The Guardian, a left wing British newspaper, doggedly attacked Trump and blindly supported Hillary throughout the campaign.  In fact, their reporting of the US Election reminded me of a famous quote by another British writer – Arnold Bennett (1867-1931):


“Journalists say a thing that they know isn’t true in the hope that if they keep on saying it long enough it will be true.”

Well, that didn’t happen this time around. So the Guardian is left with a large egg on its face. Yet, no ‘mea culpa’ or any other sign of humility from its editors.

Here’s an excerpt from Guardian’s today’s editorial ruminating about ‘what went wrong,’ when actually everything went right, except for those wearing a “liberal” blindfold:

The triumph of Donald Trump

In a stunning turnaround at the end of a bitter and polarizing election campaign, Republican Donald Trump was declared president-elect at 2.30 amthis morning. The result, delivered with a clear electoral majority, was immediately declared one of the greatest presidential election upsets. “Sorry to keep you waiting, complicated business, complicated business,” the billionaire businessman and former Apprentice host told supporters gathered to hear his victory speech at a New York hotel. “I will be a president for all Americans,” he said.

Trump won 279 electoral delegates, with three states yet to be called, winning the crucial battleground states of Florida, North Carolina and Ohio. The Democrats’ “blue wall” in the midwest, including Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, crumbled against all poll predictions. But the Republicans didn’t just take the White House, they kept control of the House and Senate. Trump’s opponent Hillary Clinton, defeated in her quest to make history as the first female president, conceded the race in a phone call on Wednesday morning but did not address her hundreds of dumbstruck supporters who had gathered at the Javits Convention Center in New York.

How Trump won

Trump is the first reality television star and the first non-politician since Dwight Eisenhower to win the nomination for president of a major political party. He was the first to spend part of his campaign denying sexual assault allegations and clashing with the family of a fallen soldier and a Miss Universe winner. At 70, he is the oldest person in history to be elected US president. His winning formula was to copy Ronald Reagan’s simple promise to make America great again and, according to exit polling data, focusing on fears around terrorism, immigration and trade. It was an appeal to the heart, not the head, and his supporters overlooked his obvious flaws. (for more, see… https://is.gd/AqWUrQ)


This election has also demonstrated the power of the Internet. None of this would have been possible had we not had access to alternative news sources and social media channels. So we must cherish and protect those sources from interference by the government agencies, like the NSA or FBI, or from subservience by the IT stooges of the New World Order, like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Which reminded me of an article I published on that topic 22 years ago, in November 1994, when the word Internet was still highlighted in red by the PC spellcheckers:


“Two decades ago, I likened the PC and the Internet revolutions to the invention of a handgun.

“They empower the individual and small companies to compete with industrial giants on a level playing field,” I wrote in a landmark Annex Bulletin (End of Western Dominance? Refusion of Arts & SciencesNov 1994 – http://www.djurdjevic.com/Bulletins/global/94-52_End_of_West.html).

I was wrong. It was much more than that. The PC and the Internet did empower individuals not just to compete with industrial giants but to even win.  Witness Google, Apple (resurgence),  Facebook, and hundreds of other companies that have emerged as IT leaders since then.

As a result, they unleashed a tsunami of creativity around the globe.  Which, in turn, led to a restructuring of the social and political order in many countries.”

Such as in the U.S. in November 2016.


In a TV interview with John Pilger, an independent fellow Australian-born journalist, filmed at the Ecuadorian embassy in London and broadcast three days before the election (Nov 5), Wikileaks founder Julian Assange predicted that Trump “would not be allowed to win.”


By saying that, the man who has done more than any other human on the planet to expose Hillary’s crimes, transgressions, lies and distortions, proved himself to be a better info. leaker than an analyst. Here’s a part of that interview Assange said:

Pilger also questioned Assange over increasingly frequent accusations from the Clinton camp, and Western media, that WikiLeaks is looking to swing next week’s US presidential election in favor of Donald Trump – perhaps at Russia’s behest.

But Assange dismissed the prospect of Trump, who is behind in the polls, winning as unlikely – and not necessarily due to his standing with the electorate.

My analysis is that Trump would not be permitted to win. Why do I say that? Because he has had every establishment off his side. Trump does not have one establishment, maybe with the exception of the Evangelicals, if you can call them an establishment,” said Assange. “Banks, intelligence, arms companies, foreign money, etc. are all united behind Hillary Clinton. And the media as well. Media owners, and the journalists themselves.” (for more, see… http://on.rt.com/7tv7).

I remember shaking my head in disbelief when I read that segment on Nov 5.

“Why has he suddenly gone soft?” I wondered. “Is Assange trying to appease Hillary if she gets elected? Or was it that she just faith and conviction and was also under the spell of NWO establishment and media power?” It takes real guts to swim against such a tidal wave.
But Assange’s sudden softness seemed so out of character for a man who has fearlessly given his freedom to the cause of truth and full disclosure. So I just filed this story in the back of my memory. Until now.


This election demonstrates the success of New World Order’s Dumbing Down of America,” and the need to start re-educating our fellow citizens

Back in 1997, I published a column in the Washington Times titled  DANCING ‘ROUND THE GOLDEN CALF. My original title for that piece was “Dumbing Down of America.” The fact that two decade later, nearly 60 million of our fellow citizens voted for the most corrupt candidate in the history of U.S. presidential races, attests to the success of New World Order plutocrats’ dumbing down process. And that is a true American Tragedy.

So what’s to be done?

Well, neutralize and eliminate the plutocrats. Drive the New World Order snakes from our shores or put them behind bars. That’s the first order of business as I said earlier.

Then we must start to repair the damage they have done to several generations of our fellow-citizens with their quasi “liberal” ideas, with their greed-driven  materialistic morality, with their our education system which denigrates America’s traditional culture and values, with their Hollywood and pro sports-driven agendas.

It has taken several decades to dumb down our nation. It will take us as long or longer to steer America back on its righteous path of liberty and justice for all.  But as Confucius said, “a thousand mile journey begins with the first step.”

We took that step today. Let us continue and persevere in making America great again.  With God’s help.

Also see…

Letter to a “liberal” friend and Hillary supporter in Australia:


I have a longtime and dear friend in Australia. Trouble is, he is a died in the wool “liberal” and a Hillary supporter. Which is like going around with blinkers.  You only see what “they” want you to see.

My friend has been occasionally writing to me during the last several months with critical comments about my editorials and predictions. Such as that we should ignore the liberal lamestream media polls and just get out and vote.

Occasionally, I would also reply with a disagreeable comment of my own. But realizing the futility of such arguments, I mostly suggested we both bide our time and bite our tongues until Nov 8. And now that the Election Day has come and gone, here’s a message I have just sent to to my friend in Australia:

“I hope you are ready to eat a VERY LARGE BOWL OF CROW, my mate. Sorry I could not quickly find an image of a bowl big enough to suit the purpose.

You should eat crow not just because of the election results and Trump’s victory. But because of extreme arrogance that you and your liberal brethren around the world have shown toward anyone who did not share your views. Such as yours truly who has been saying all along that we should IGNORE the lamestream media polls because they are biased and therefore will be proven wrong in the end.”



Check this out, “fresh” off the press from a leading liberal lamestream media organization – the New York Times:

“The New York Times runs an election tracker web page that calculates the odds of presidential victory, popular vote margins, and projected Electoral College totals, in addition to monitoring the final state-by-state results.

At the beginning of Election Eve, the tracker gave Hillary Clinton an 85% to win the election. Within two hours, the odds had shifted to a 50-50 race. At 10:30 PM Eastern time, with the last few decisive swing states waiting to be called, the odds stood at 90% for Trump.

Now, at 11:15 MST (1:15 AM Eastern), the New York Times is calling for Trump to win 308 electoral votes with 95% certainty. “


 * * *

UPDATE NOV 10, 2016


Every time there is a momentous change in the world history, such as what just happened in the U.S., the minions and apparatchiks who had faithfully served the fallen regime rush into their closets to put on the new regime uniforms. And pretend that they were for Trump all along.

So stand by for lots of brown-nosers to crawl out of the rat holes where Hillary and Obams  loyalists had been living. We must not let them come anywhere near Trump.  Lest they infest him with the “liberal” rat poison they were spreading across the U.S. and around the world.

What brought this on?

A memory of this image I saw in Bosnia in 1992 when I was working as a war correspondent. It was September 1992. The Bosnian had not even been into its 6th month. The fall of the Soviet Union was merely nine months old.  Yet the local communist turncoats, who had faithfully served Tito, a mass-murderer of the first class, were discarding their red stars like excess baggage.

Over the next year or so, stand  by for similar “transformations” of the HIllary and Obama “liberals” here in the U.S.

Because, people like Hillary, Obama and their followers are the antithesis of anything “liberal.” They have made this noble term into a dirty word. Because the so-called “liberals” in America and around the world are anything but LIBERAL. They are the MOST INTOLERANT segment of our society. They foster dictatorship of minorities. They only believe in “their way or highway.”

Witness the violent protests some of them are launching as we speak against the free will of the American people who have elected Donald Trump as our president. We must stop them. And then just stomp on them to keep them down in the dustbin of history where they belong. Along with Hillary and Obama.

 * * *

UPDATE NOV 11, 2016


So-called “pundits” have been wrong about everything, including stock market reaction to Trump victory


Take a look at this stock market chart. What do you see?

What I see is a large egg on the faces of mainstream media and its so-called “pundits.” They have been wrong about everything, including stock market reaction to Trump victory.

Even one of the leading lamestream media whores – the New York Times – now admits that. Here’s an excerpt from its today’s story:

“To the long list of pundits who called the election all wrong — as well as its likely consequences — add Wall Street analysts.

As the presidential election approached, they were falling all over themselves to predict a Hillary Clinton victory and, afterward, a modest stock market rally. The prospect of a win by Donald J. Trump was so remote as to be deemed a “black swan,” an event that was only distantly possible but would have potentially dire consequences for financial markets.

Among the many predicting a drop in equity markets in the unlikely event of a Trump victory were analysts at Citibank, JPMorgan Chase and Morgan Stanley. Keith Parker, head of cross-asset strategy research at Barclays, forecast a drop of 11 to 13 percent in the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index.

The hedge fund Bridgewater Associates went even further, warning clients that the Dow Jones industrial average would fall 2,000 points. (see New York Times, Nov 11, 2016)

The New York Post was even tougher on the “pundits” in its yesterday’s story Pundits were spectacularly wrong about the 2016 election:

Boy, were they wrong.

Pundits botched the presidential election in epic fashion — claiming for months that Hillary Clinton was a lock for the presidency before being shocked back to reality by Donald Trump’s victory Tuesday night.

Longtime political researchers and experts, including Nate Silver of the closely watched site FiveThirtyEight, predicted that Clinton had numerous broad paths to the 270 Electoral College votes that would place her in the White House, while Trump had only a few narrow ones.

Numerous media outlets and personalities projected a decisive win for the former secretary of state — including New York magazine, which slapped a grotesque photo of Trump on its cover with the word “Loser” just days before Election Day.

Deadspin columnist and GQ correspondent Drew Magary went so far as to publish a scathing piece about the Republican candidate on Sunday — titled “Donald Trump Is Going To Get His Ass Kicked On Tuesday.”

“This isn’t close, and never was,” he wrote.

Foreign Policy magazine was so sure of a Clinton victory that it published an article in July titled “The Republican Party Is On the Verge of Extinction.”

Not to be outdone, a month later, The Hill followed up with an opinion piece written by a contributor headed “Trump’s loss could make the GOP extinct.”

But once the ballots were counted, Republicans took control of the White House, Senate and House.


What’s To Be Done?

  • Well, step one, as I have said before is – dump the lamestream media and its “pundits,” unplug your TV from network broadcasts and do your own research on the internet using many independent sources.
  • Step two, if you own any stock market equities, dump them now! The stock market may be up for the time being, but it is a bubble that will eventually burst. And you don’t want to end up holding the bag when that happens. Better to forego some short-term gains, than to face larger losses down the road. (Even some of the “pundits” now agree with me on this – “Why this post-election jump in the stock market probably means nothing” – see https://is.gd/6D203V).

dice-goldbarsWhy am I not bullish on the current bull market?

Because it’s all smoke and mirrors. The stock market is nothing more than a legalized casino with traders in pin-stripe suits placing much bigger bets than the Las Vegas gamblers.

Here’s what I wrote about it way back in 1998 in a story titled “The Raging Bull of Wall Street Is Just That – Bull!:

“Wall Street has become almost totally decoupled from the nation’s economic activities. Like a gambling casino, it is largely driven by investment cash flows, not profits or losses of the companies it trades.” (The Raging Bull of Wall Street Is Just That – Bull! (1998)

We are also “pleased” because we have been saying at least since 1997 that Wall Street has become a casino, and that corporate fundamentals have little to do anymore with stock values.  (Wall Street Casino (2002).

In fact, if you CLICK HERE, you will be able to see SEVERAL DOZEN articles I had written between 1997 and 2002 on the subject of the Wall Street Casino.

If you do that and still decide to chase the rainbows at the Wall Street Casino, that’s okay. At least I won’t have you on my conscience.


As a business consultant and financial and IT industry analyst, I have spent a lifetime blowing the smoke out of my clients’ eyes trying to help them see clearly what’s ahead.

And who were these clients? Well, they were large multinational companies, the “Who’s Who” in the IT industry during the 1980s and 1990s, starting with IBM and then going down the list.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I invite those of you who only know me by my geopolitical, war reporting, artistic, musical or shamanic hats – also to check out my two business websites. They are now inactive (I retired in 2014) but are still very much relevant: Annex Research (1978-2013)  – http://djurdjevic.com/ and Annex Research (2013-2014 – http://annexresearch.wordpress.com/.  And it is this kind of business consulting work that actually paid for all my other activities by which I am perhaps better known. You will find there many stories which can help you understand why I think that dumping your stock holdings now (if you still have some), will serve you well in the future.

* * *

UPDATE NOV 12, 2016

Levity Interlude: A Letter from Canada

Got a letter from an old friend in Canada this morning. “For your chuckle,” his note read. Actually, it almost made spit. Read my reply to him at the end to see why.


The flood of Trump-fearing American liberals sneaking across the border into Canada has intensified in the past couple days. The Republican presidential victory is prompting an exodus of left-leaning Americans who fear they’ll soon be required to hunt, pray, pay taxes, and live according to the Constitution. Canadian border residents say it’s not uncommon to see dozens of sociology professors, global-warming activists, and “green” energy proponents crossing their fields at night.

“I went out to milk the cows the other day, and there was a Hollywood producer huddled in the barn,” said southern Manitoba farmer Red Greenfield, whose acreage borders North Dakota.

“He was cold, exhausted and hungry, and begged me for a latte and some free-range chicken. When I said I didn’t have any, he left before I even got a chance to show him my screenplay, eh?”

[snip] – the letter continues in the same SNL mocking style. Here’s my reply:

ALTZAR: Funny, but I only wish it were true. These scumbags are not known for keeping their promises any more than Hillary is known for telling the truth. Besides, why would Canada agree to be a dumping ground for the U.S. trash?

PS; Rather than wait for them to leave the U.S., which might take till hell freezes over, perhaps Trump should deport them to Saudi Arabia. Where they can give concerts in the desert to help pay off the Saudi’s $25 million investment in Hillary. :-)

This also, just in from Canada…


 * * *

UPDATE NOV 15, 2016

“Liberal” media establishment stooges now switch their attacks from Trump to his cabinet and staff appointments


Remember that New York Times’ publisher apology for blowing the election? Well, predictably, it was short lived. The liberal media establishment whores are back to their old tactics – smearing anybody and anything to do with Donald Trump.

Yes, these same unrepentant media folks who UNSUCCESSFULLY demonized Trump and ended up with the largest egg on their face in history of American journalism. Undaunted, they are now switching their attacks from Trump to his cabinet and staff appointments.

The Truth in Media members have proven themselves capable of sniffing out BS stories when they see one. And they know what to do with them – file them in the overflowing “liberal news” trash bin.


Meanwhile, why not focus instead on how these same election LOSERS are now trying muzzle Trump by inserting fifth column people of their own among his staff appointments. Like “Reince” Priebus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee, whom Trump has just named White House Chief of Staff. I fear that over time, Trump may end up like Reagan – surrounded by New World Order establishment shills.

Check out this piece I published over three weeks ago warning about that – long before Trump was even elected. And, it has already started happening. So we must stay vigilant to make sure Trump does not stray from the path we followed him on.


Will the Same Happen with Trump When He Is Elected? – https://is.gd/mMcRHn (Oct 23, 2016)

 * * *

UPDATE Nov 19, 2016


A wonderful video. The authors even used the title of my Aug 1997 Washington Times column “Dumbing Down of America” – http://wp.me/p3QU1S-1ST (the WT editors retitled it to DANCING ‘ROUND THE GOLDEN CALF).
Here’s a link to this video on Facebook:



I have just added this segment to my LET US REJOICE: NEW DAWN RISES OVER AMERICA AND THE WORLD, Nov 9, 2016 piece.

 * * *



From My Dreamtime Diary: A Stunning US Election Prediction in Three Dreams over Four Days of This Month (Oct 16-19)

Like Saint Patrick in Ireland, Donald Trump and the American people will drive away from America the New World Order snakes on Nov 8, 2016


Trump: American Saint Patrick 

The snake was the symbol of the Celts and their spiritual elite, the Druids – who inhabited the island of Ireland long before the arrival of Christianity in the 5th century AD.  When Patrick arrived, the only “pesky and dangerous creatures” that St Patrick wished to cast away were the native Celts.   

Since snakes often represent evil in literature, “when Patrick drives the snakes out of Ireland, it is symbolically saying he drove the old, evil, pagan ways out of Ireland [and] brought in a new age.” (Ancient Origins – https://is.gd/shJqPg)

ALTZAR: In one of my past lives (in 5th century AD), I knew Saint Patrick.  I was then known as Lough (Luc) Tuluum, an Irishman who helped St. Patrick escape from imprisonment as a slave. Thus my connection to Saint Patrick both in dreamtime and real life. Also see, MY IRISH ROOTS…


There will be no civil nor nuclear war in America. In fact, the Nov 8 election will signal the start of America’s journey back to its roots. And for the rest of the world, it will the dawning of a new era of peace and liberation from the reptilian New World Order.

How do I know that? 

Because my Spirit guides told me. I am a thrice-ordained Inca Shaman.  And shamans are conduits shaman-webbetween the spiritual and earthly realms.

As a result, guidance from my Spirit guides and teachers comes to me 24/7. And it takes all shapes and forms –  in dreamtime as in daytime. My guides communicate with me through signs –  music, clouds, rainbows, rocks, animals, birds, serendipity of events, people I encounter in my  life, numerology and astro events, and also through triggers in daily news stories which in turn inspire my editorial columns.

My guides have never failed me yet. Nor I them, if I followed their advice.  So this is the guidance I received from them in dreamtime over three nights – on Oct 16, 18 and 19, 2016. As you will see, it reads like a cryptic novel.

 * * *



I had a dream on Oct 16 in which there was a sheep swimming in the pool that had a snake in its jaws. The sheep held it just behind the head. So the snake was powerless to harm the sheep.

And me, as I am also in the pool observing the scene. And feeling a bit apprehensive as I know the snake is poisonous.

Suddenly the sheep releases the snake. The snake swims away in terror with lightning speed toward the far end of the pool, slithers out and disappears out of sight.

I remember thinking in my dream, “wow, what an amazing speed. I had no idea snakes can be such fast swimmers.”




Oct 26, 2016

I received this interpretation of the dream from my Spirit guides while meditating in the spa this morning…

Like Saint Patrick in Ireland, Trump and the American people (sheep) will drive away the snakes of the New World Order into their burrows on Nov 8, 2016

  • The SNAKE represents the banking and corporate powers that be of the New World Order, and their servants – Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, the Bush family and all other vassals who think of themselves as the “elite” of the ruling class. The SNAKE symbolizes duplicity, treachery, ruthlessness, emotional coldness and lack of empathy of the slimy reptilians.


In my dream, the SHEEP overpowers the SNAKE. And yet it does not kill it.  Because SHEEP symbolizes gentleness, kindness and a sense of community. So the SHEEP releases the SNAKE from its deathly grip. Frightened to death, the SNAKE frantically swims as fast as it can to get away from the sheep and and pool (and ME, the observer, who is also in the pool).


Which is good news. For, it means that on Nov 8, the American people will start to liberate themselves from the snakes of the New World Order and drive them away from our shores. Which will inspire the rest of the world to follow suit. Let us hope, bloodlessly all around.


 * * *




In this dream, I am in London, England in medieval time. It is early morning. I am walking through a ruin of an old castle toward the ocean shore. I can feel the spray from the waves reaching my face through the openings in the castle walls.

“The tide must be coming,” I thought in my dream state. “That’s probably why the waves are so big and crashing close to the castle walls.”

When I look through the opening, I see that the beach and the land are very flat. Like the Thames river banks.

“Wonder if this is the high tide pushing up the Thames?” I was thinking.


In the next scene, I am back in town at what looks like a street market. Still in medieval London. The streets are paved with round cobblestones.

I am engaged in a happy banter with several women behind their fruit and veggie stalls. There is also a man, a customer like me, who joins the conversation. Based on his accent, I figure out that he must be from Manchester.

After telling my market friend about my through the castle to the beach this morning and seeing a high tide, I say to the man:

“You guys in Manchester probably don’t even know what a high tide is,” :-)Manchester is deep inland]

Everybody laughs. Everybody is happy.


Oct 18, 2016

At first, I thought, “guess another trip to London is in the cards. But why medieval London?,” I wondered.

Of course, I have had a number of past lifetimes in London. For example, as King Phillip II of Spain while married to Queen Mary I, Henry VIII’s Catholic daughter.  And I lived there as King James I and VI, when I inherited the crown of England and Ireland after Elizabeth I died without an heir. And in the 19th century, I was back there again as Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s Consort.

But the market scene and the happy banter with London commoners did not fit those royal lifetimes.


So today, a new  came to me during my morning meditation in the spa. This dream was a continuation of the first Sheep and Snake dream.  The rising tide symbolizes the awakening of the American people who no longer want to be stuck like boats in the mud.

As for the happy street market scene, in order to recreate again America the Beautiful, we must go far back into the past – well before the industrial era ushered in the focus on money and greed which destroyed so many lives in England, in America and around the world. 

Everybody was very happy and enjoying life at that London street market. It did not matter how much commerce we actually conducted. It was actually ZERO while I was there.

Finally, I have always felt more at home in London than anywhere else outside of my real homes in this lifetime (Arizona, Maui and Western Australia).  I did not know about my past lifetimes there until just over five years ago. But London has always made me feel good. Like home.

(Same with Vienna, by the way, only differently. Vienna has been the home of music in my soul).


By the way, the river Thames had also been known as Isis in ancient times. In fact, when Elizabeth and I walked through Hyde Park in Oct 2011, I photographed the sculpture of ISIS next to the Serpentine Lake.

Isis is also an ancient Egyptian deity… Goddess of health, marriage and wisdom. The name Isis means a Throne, which is also her head dress.

Isis is the feminine expression of Osiris whose energy is also present in ALTZAR’s soul. Both of them are among my spirit guides. According to Egyptian mythology, Isis was Osiris’ sister whom he married after becoming the King of Egypt (http://www.egyptianmyths.net/mythisis.htm).

 * * *



I had a dream in which I was sailing, swimming and snorkeling somewhere in the tropics. The beaches are white sand. Water turquoise. The ocean warm. Maybe Tahiti? Or Northern Australia (Great Barrier Reef)? I am happy, having a great time playing in the ocean.


In the next scene, I am now sailing on a huge cruise ship through the very same area where I had been swimming and snorkeling before. I am quite high above the ocean, looking down as if from a parasail.  It’s definitely a large ship.

I am leaning on a rail close to the bow and looking down into the ocean. But I cannot actually see all the way down to where the bow’s hull slices the waves, because I am so high up above it. I can see, however, that the captain is skillfully navigating around other small boats and snorkelers way down in the ocean.

Nobody seems to be perturbed that such a giant ship is sailing right past them through shallow waters. But I feel a bit of trepidation about what my reaction would have been if I were still snorkeling and then seeing this huge ship pass me by.


This is the third dream in four days in which the element of WATER figured prominently. And it was INCREASING IN SIZE (pool –> river –> ocean), just like when I had my three “wet dreams” in August 2008 which guided me to move from Arizona to Maui.

Unlike in 2008, however, we are now at the starting gate of the Age of Aquarius. So it’s all about the Water element, it’s cleansing, suppleness, fluidity, flexibility.  And everything is beautiful, peaceful and serene.

Happy days are here again. Or will be… after Nov 8. Just as the happy days returned after the Great Depression.


 * * *

October 24, 2016


Mine is that Obama and his New World Order bosses, the “death merchants” of America, may start another war in order to get Hillary elected.

A far-fetched concern? 

Before you dismiss it out of hand, let me give you a real life example of the same scenario from Bill and Hillary Clinton’s era at the White House.

 * * *


On Dec 19, 1998 the House of Representatives voted to impeach Bill Clinton. It looked as if the law had finally caught up with Clintons’ lies and crimes. 

In January 1999. while Clinton’s presidency teeter-tottered on the finest of edges, I wrote the piece titled “Washington’s Crisis Factory” (see below). The best way to distract the masses from the Clinton transgressions was to launch another war, I opined: 

“Bosnia II” is in the making in the Serbian province of Kosovo. The U.S. government officials are stoking the fires of yet another civil war while publicly opposing it,” I wrote.” (an excerpt from WASHINGTON CRISiS FACTORY).

With his approval ratings at rock bottom, Clinton needed that Kosovo war to try to regain his political footing and live out his Senate-gifted lease on life in the White House. So he decided to rape a small country, just as he had previously abused women who refused his sexual advances. 

Two months my Washington Crisis Factory article, that’s what we got. Another war. Acting without congressional approval, Clinton launched the Kosovo War and NATO’s bombing of Serbia on March 24, 1999 (see New Day of Infamy – http://www.truthinmedia.org/Kosovo/tim-war.html).

GANG RAPE OF A SMALL NATION (excerpt from my 1999 speeches)

“NATO’s bombing of Serbia was nothing short of a gang rape of a small country.

A military alliance of 19 nations and 780 million people; with over half of the world’s gross economic product (GDP), commanding two-thirds of the global military firepower, ganged up on a tiny nation of 10 million. For 79 days, NATO terrorized the people of Serbia, dropping 23,000 bombs and missiles on them in 36,000 sorties.”

Bottom line?

The Kosovo War distracted America from Clinton’s troubles at home. And on Feb 12, 1999, the Senate saved Clinton from full impeachment.  On the charge of perjury, 45 Democrats and 10 Republicans in the Senate voted “not guilty” and on the charge of obstruction of justice the Senate was split 50-50.

Thus this disgraced president served out the remainder of his term. And now, he and his unindicted criminal wife – Hillary – want to return to the White House once again.

The only way that could happen in a fair election is if Obama and his New World Order bosses, the “death merchants” of America, graced both Clintons with another war. Perhaps against Russia, as so many are speculating these days?

Just as before the Kosovo War in 1999 when they demonized Serbia, both the liberal and the conservative media are now united in their castigation of Russia. 

Check out this OpEd piece in today’s “conservative” Wall Street Journal in which the Journal gives the “liberal” Sam Nunn its platform from where to shout that, “only Hillary is prepared” to handle the nuclear war (http://on.wsj.com/2ew8YGo via @WSJ):

Sam Nunn: Only Hillary Clinton is prepared for the nuclear threat http://on.wsj.com/2ew8YGo via @WSJ

That would be utter lunacy, of course. But then, we are dealing here with political lunatics and desperados, as Donald Trump has them all on the run.

That’s why this is my greatest fear about the Nov 8 election.


By Bob Djurdjevic (January 1999)

“Bosnia II” is in the making in the Serbian province of Kosovo. The U.S. government officials are stoking the fires of yet another civil war while publicly opposing it. Just as they kept adding fuel to the ethnic fire in Bosnia while claiming to douse it.

Why are they doing it? Because “perpetual war for perpetual commerce” is the true motto of the New World Order. When peace broke out at the end of Cold War, it sounded a death knell for the death merchants’ businesses. So Washington’s crisis factory went to work, manufacturing conflicts in strategic places around the world. Is there any wonder that the latest series of the Balkan civil wars, for example, started in June 1991, a year and a half after CIA predicted that a civil war would break out in the former Yugoslavia?

And so the beat went on… Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, and now Kosovo.



And so, for at least the seventh time in the last 12 months, a “Wag the Dog”-type diversion tactics unfolded in mid-January. Just as the outrageous Anglo-American bombing of Iraq in mid-December was intended to distract the public’s attention from the impeachment proceedings in the U.S. House of Representatives, so was the alleged “Serb massacre” at Racak designed to outrage the world, a prelude to a military occupation of Kosovo by NATO, claiming another colony for the NWO imperialists.


 * * *


America at war with world


“When you play with fire, you get burned by fire.”

“All who draw the sword will die by the sword.”

On Thursday night in Dallas, Micah Johnson, a black Army veteran, did what the government trained him to do: KILL. He used his military skills to take out enemy combatants as he perceived them – five white DPD officers – before being killed himself by a robot bomb deployed by the Dallas police.

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 11.35.30 AM

“Violence begets violence.”

Fifteen years ago, the morning of 9/11, this is what I wrote in part:

“To stop anti-American terrorism, Washington must stop its own state terrorism.  Both brands of terrorism are despicable and inexcusable…. May God have mercy upon the souls of all innocent people who died today as “collateral damage” of the Clinton/Bush arrogant foreign policy.  The Washington-led New World Order has now come home to roost.  For, “all who draw the sword will die by the sword.”  (“Collateral Damage Hits Home” Truth in Media editorial published on 9/11/01)

But these warnings fell on deaf ears of the people who have usurped the U.S. government and are using our military might to wage war against the world (see the 5-part series of AMERICA IS AT WAR WITH THE WORLD – Sep-Nov 2015). In Part 3, I also commented about the domestic war the ruling “elite” are waging against the American people (see WAR ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, Nov 3, 2015).

What happened in Dallas on Thursday night is another chapter of that war. A blowback. A government-trained killed turned on the government and started killing the Dallas police. Who, in turn, used a “weapon of mass destruction” (robot bomb) to kill him, a U.S. Army veteran. It was the first time in the history of U.S. policing that a bomb robot was used to kill an American citizen.

And that should give all of us a pause before we start to judge both sides in the Dallas tragedy. Here’s an excerpt from a story in Motherboard (Using a Bomb Robot to Kill a Suspect Is an Unprecedented Shift in Policing):

Peter W. Singer, an expert in military technology and robot warfare at the New America Foundation, tweeted that this is the first known incident of a domestic police force using a robot to kill a suspect. Singer tweeted that in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, soldiers have strapped claymore mines to the $8,000 MARCbot using duct tape to turn them into jury-rigged killing devices. Singer says all indications are that the Dallas Police Department did something similar in this case—it improvised toturn a surveillance robot into a killing machine.

Improvised device or not, the concerns here mirror a debate that’s been going on for a few years now: Should law enforcement have access to armed drones, or, for that matter, weaponized robots? In 2013 Kentucky Senator Rand Paul staged a 13-hour filibuster that was focused entirely on concerns about the use of armed drones on US soil. Last year, North Dakota became the first state to legalize nonlethal, weaponized drones for its police officers.

“When domestic law enforcement officers can use force from a distance, it may become too easy for them to do so, and the inevitable result will be that these weapons are over-used,” Jay Stanley, a senior policy analyst for the American Civil Liberties Union wrote in a blog post while North Dakota was considering that bill. “When officers are not physically present, their perception of a situation and their judgment about when to apply force is more likely to be flawed, non-targets are more likely to be injured, and excessive amounts of force are more likely to be applied.”

Stanley also noted that drones and other remote weapons would “increase the militarization of the police.”

The ability for police to remotely kill suspects raises due process concerns. If a shooter is holed up and alone, can they be qualified as an imminent threat to life? Are there clear protocols about when a robot can be used to engage a suspect versus when a human needs to engage him or her? When can the use of lethal force be administered remotely?”

Good questions. The kind of questions our government officials should have been asking. Instead, our pathetic president and the pretender to the throne (Hillary) are again harping for gun control. Never mind that statistics prove that there is absolutely no relationship between gun ownership and the number of murders in the U.S. (see the chart).


Their goal is evidently to disarm the nation so they could shoot us like ducks at will.  Or blow us up with a “weapon of mass destruction” as the Dallas police did on Thursday night.


Micah Johnson, a black Army veteran, who was apparently wounded in a shootout with police, wrote the letters “RB” and other markings in his own blood. The investigators are trying to decipher their meaning by looking through evidence from Johnson’s suburban Dallas home. This undated photo posted on Facebook on April 30, 2016, shows Micah Johnson, who was a suspect in the sniper slayings of five law enforcement officers in Dallas Thursday night, July 7, 2016, during a protest over two recent fatal police shootings of black men. An Army veteran, Johnson tried to take refuge in a parking garage and exchanged gunfire with police, who later killed him with a robot-delivered bomb, Dallas Police Chief David Brown said. (Facebook via AP)

Whatever they find, or think they have found, will be of little consequence. The credibility of the U.S. police is at an all-time low. The only way to start to regain it is to renounce violence, and abandon the use of the “weapons of mass destruction,” like that robot bomb.

And a global scale, the only to win the “war on terror” is for the U.S. government to stop acting as the world’s biggest terrorist, and bring our troops back home. Which is the same message I broadcast to the world the morning of 9/11.

Fifteen years later, we have ample additional evidence of the futility of violence. As I said to Elizabeth on Thursday night, paraphrasing Mahatma Gandhi, “if we keep up the eye-for-an-eye policy, the whole world will go blind.”


Meanwhile, if you ignore the partisan rhetoric and let the facts speak for themselves, the first two charts tell the real story about what’s going on in our country.

Considering the widespread militarization of the police, no wonder the police killings are going through the roof as the police fatalities are declining.

That’s something this writer earned about in Dec 2014 – see OBAMA REFUSES TO REVERSE MILITARIZATION OF POLICE IN AMERICA, DEC 2, 2014 – https://truthinmediablog.wordpress.com/2014/12/02/on-police-militarization-in-america/

What happened in Dallas on Thursday night was an escalation of an already alarming trend – a pushback against the police killings across the country.

As I said to Elizabeth on Thursday night, paraphrasing Mahatma Gandhi, “if we keep up the eye-for-an-eye policy, the whole world will go blind.”

Meanwhile, police killings soar in recent years, as officer fatalities decline

Police militarization 2


 * * *

Also see, Plutocrats of the New World Order (Mar 1997); Bilking Main Street to finance Wall St.’s greed (May 1997), DANCING ‘ROUND THE GOLDEN CALF (Dumbing Down of America, Aug 1997), WIPING OUT THE MIDDLE CLASS(May 1998), Toward a Nation of Morons  (Washington Times, Jan 2006, click here for the TiM version), Dumbing Down of America (Mar 2013), etc.

 * * *

UPDATE JULY 18, 2016


Or Did He? Some Facts in Official Stories Don’t Add Up

“On Sunday morning in Baton Rouge, Gavin Long, a black U.S. Marine veteran, did what the government trained him to do: KILL. He used his military skills to take out enemy combatants as he perceived them – five white police officers – before being killed himself by Baton Rouge police – on his 29th birthday.”

The preceding was the lead to the Truth in Media editorial “DALLAS BLOWBACK: GOVERNMENT-TRAINED KILLER TURNS ON POLICE” (http://wp.me/p3QU1S-1vb). I only changed the names, places and the dates. What happened in Baton Rouge on Sunday morning was a virtual replay of an assault on Dallas police on Thursday a week earlier. Blowback II.

That’s at least what one would have to conclude reading our government and lamestream media dispatches. They are all painting the alleged killer, Gavin Long, as an anti-police vigilante. And it all sounds quite plausible. The man had virtually incriminated himself by posting incendiaries messages and videos on the internet.


Except for one thing: The shooting had already started BEFORE the police arrived, according to eyewitnesses quoted by London’s Daily Mirror.

“This was not a come at police shooting,” the witness said. “There were men out here shooting at each other before police ever got here.” (see Daily Mirror UK – https://is.gd/nwcqwW).

Check out also this quote from a New Orleans newspaper:

“A gun battle between citizens in Baton Rouge was underway Sunday morning (July 17) before police officers arrived on the scene near Airline and Old Hammond highways, a witness told WAFB-TV. Brady Vancel, who was working in the area, told the television station that he heard multiple gunshots before police arrived on the scene.

After hearing the shots, Vancel said he saw one citizen lying on the ground and a second one carrying an assault rifle before he sought refuge in a home nearby. He then hear more gunshot, apparently after police arrived on the scene.” (seeThe Times-Picayune – https://is.gd/MX92u9).

So the police were RESPONDING to a “shots fired” call. They were not necessarily the target, as in Dallas.

No mention of that important fact in any of the major media reports. Why not? Because the government-media spin doctors have decided to act as a judge and a jury and condemn the only dead alleged assailant as a culprit?

The truth is sometimes murky. Especially when deliberately obfuscated by those in government who are driving the case for gun control. So keep your eyes and ears and minds open. And don’t believe everything you see in print until your heart tells you so.


But seeing is believing, some say. And what you see in the picture below is yet another proof of tremendous militarization of police in this country.

Look at the heavily armed police carrying assault rifles and shotguns. Like the mafia. Only in uniform. Except this is not a movie. This is a scene from a Baton Rouge street on Sunday July 17, 2016.

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 8.34.03 AM

 * * *

Also see…





I spent over 12 years covering the Balkans wars and conflicts as an independent journalist (1989-2002). Over 140,000 people lost their lives, and over 4 million were forced to flee their homes during that time. Because the wars were largely incited by foreign powers, more specifically – the United States and Great Britain.


So they could fill the political vacuum in Yugoslavia created by the collapse of the Soviet Union (1991). And then co-opt most of the Balkans nations into NATO.  But to do that, they first had to create a problem to which the ultimate solution would be a NATO takeover.

During my work as a war correspondent, I met with many of the major players is this tragedy in which over 140,000 people lost their lives, and over 4 million were forced to flee their homes. The major protagonists included top statesmen, army chiefs, high-level diplomats of the U.S., Britain, France, Canada, Russia and Belgium, and literally hundreds of other individuals I had come across on the front lines as well as in the boardrooms. hawthorne-sophia

As always, I kept careful and copious notes about these conversations and events I witnessed. After each of those field trips to the Balkans, I would file a copy of my wartime diary with the Chief Archivist of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University in California. That’s just in case something happened to me. But my stipulation was that my diaries may not be available for public viewing for a period of at least five years after the war’s end. I did not want my conversations with principals in this war drama to affect in any way the outcome of the war or the subsequent war crimes trials at the Hague.

Well, now that it has been over 20 years since the end of the Bosnian war, and that all of the Hague trials are just about over, I have decided to make my four most important diaries public.  They can be accessed as PDFs by clicking on the following title pages.

YUGOSLAV-DIARY-5-1994 (PDF, 50 pages)



YUGOSLAV-DIARY-12-1995 (AFTERMATH) (PDF, 26 pages)

rsd-rm rsd-rk94

* * *

And now, here’s a quick analysis of the trials at the War Crimes Tribunal at the Hague, starting with last week’s Karadzic judgment, followed by an insight about how the Americans and the British duped the Serbs into taking Srebrenica, and with that, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

* * *



March 24, 2016


After a trial that took nearly 7 years and 500 days of court testimony, the three judges of the International War Crimes Tribunal at the Hague did what the New World Order powers that be expected of them at the outset. They found the former Bosnian Serb karadzic_wide-b3872b11570158dfa9fa38dcd89cc913e2d37547-s800-c85president Dr Radovan Karadzic guilty of of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, and sentenced him to 40 years in prison.

Since Dr Karadzic is 70, the verdict means a virtual life sentence.

Ominously, the sentence was pronounced today March 24, on the anniversary of NATO’s attack on Serbia in 1999. Yet none of the criminals who ordered those crimes against humanity have been charged with such crimes (Bill Clinton, Gen Wesley Clark, Xavier Solana, Madeleine Albright, and other leaders of the NATO countries who ordered and participated in the attack (see http://wp.me/p3QU1S-1kP).



Four years ago, I gave testimony during Dr Karadzic’s trial about my meetings and conversations with him and other participants in the Bosnian war during the 1990s, when I worked as a war correspondent from the Balkans.

By chance or by providence, certainly not by design, I just happened to be here actually during the alleged Srebrenica massacre in July 1995. And I spent most of that day with Dr Karadzic and other senior government leaders, such as Momcilo Krajisnik and Dr Nikola Koljevic. I also published a contemporaneous story about it – “On the Run…” – A Bosnian Wartime Vignette – http://www.truthinmedia.org/Vignettes/On-the-run-(Bosnia).html. Which is how the Hague prosecutors learned about me when they asked me to testify.

I said in my testimony at the trial that, “I (have) found that often times disinformation was passed on to the American public and other Western public not by outright lying, but (by) the deception by omission, by omission of the salient facts,” this writer said answering a question about the western media deceptions posed by the Defendant. “And I saw it as my mission to fill in these gaps so the full truth be known. Because without the full truth, there cannot be a full reconciliation, and without the (full) reconciliation, there cannot be real peace and harmony.”

I also said that I saw no evidence from my conversations with Dr Karadzic that he knew anything about any alleged massacres in Srebrenica. But the judges did what they were expected to do – deliver a guilty verdict anyway.

For more, see Bob Altzar Djurdjevic’s testimony at the Hague during the trial of Dr Radovan Karadzic – http://www.truthinmedia.org/2012/Hague%20Testimony.html

Also see, Put the U.N. Justice on Trial – http://www.truthinmedia.org/Bulletins/tim98-8-5.html (Aug 1998)

Milosevic: Who Says There’s No Death Penalty at the Hague? (2006)

Few humans are one-dimensional monsters, as the “lamestream” media would have us believe painting black and white stereotypes
HUMANE SIDES OF ACCUSED WAR CRIMINALS: Karadzic, Mladic, Krajisnik… all started as good souls with many likeable qualities – http://www.truthinmedia.org/2011/Swords_Plowshares_Humane_Sides.html

* * *


What follows below an excerpt from a Nov 2015 interview with Robert Baer, former CIA agent who was active in Yugoslavia during the start of the Balkans wars. As usual, some who do not want the full truth about the dismemberment of Yugoslavia to come out have tried to cast doubts about the veracity of this interviewScreen Shot 2016-03-26 at 12.08.51 PM. I cannot vouch for everything that is attributed here to Robert Baer. But I can say two things:

First, Baer is a very well respected author and a former CIA agent with a conscience and courage to speak the truth (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Baer).
Second, what Baer said here about Srebrenica not only fits with what I saw and heard when I was there (in Bosnia) as a war correspondent during the exact time Srebrenica was taken by the Serbian army. It actually does not go far enough.

The Serbs were duped not only by the Americans (CIA and diplomats), but also by the British. In fact, it is my humble opinion that the British role in encouraging the Serbs to attack Srebrenica was greater than that of Washington (see see “PERFIDIOUS ALBION STRIKES AGAIN”http://www.truthinmedia.org/Bulletins/tim97-1-7.html).


Confession of a CIA Agent: They Gave Us Millions to Dismember Yugoslavia

“My boss, who was formerly a US Senator, stressed repeatedly that some kind of scam would go down in Bosnia. A month before the alleged genocide in Srebrenica, he told me that the town would be headline news around the world and ordered us to call the media. When I asked why, he said you’ll see.

Srebrenica should be blamed on Bosnians (Muslims), Serbs and Americans – that is us! But in fact everything has been blamed on the Serbs. Unfortunately, many of the victims buried as Muslims were Serbs and other nationalities. A few years ago a friend of mine, a former CIA agent and now at the IMF, said that Srebrenica is the product of agreement between the US government and politicians in Bosnia. The town of Srebrenica was sacrificed to give America a motive to attack the Serbs for their alleged crimes.”

For more, see… “Confession of a CIA Agent: They Gave Us Millions to Dismember Yugoslavia”https://shar.es/1Ywt39


(An excerpt from Bob Altzar Djurdjevic’s war time diaries)

ALTZAR: Not just Americans. The British also played a part of encouraging the Serbs to attack Srebrenica. I know this firsthand. I was there. I was with the late Dr. Nikola Koljevic, vice president of the Bosnian Serb government, on July 13, 2015, the day after the Serbs took Srebrenica. Here’s an excerpt from my wartime diary:
koljevic“His (Koljevic’s) brother, a playwright, has never been very active in politics. Which is why he was surprised to have received an invitation to attend a party at the British Embassy in Belgrade celebrating the Queen’s birthday.
During the cocktail reception, Koljevic’s brother was approached by the British ambassador, Ivor Roberts, and given the following message, as if in passing:
12414075575088298f35860237299566_v4big“The Queen would have no objections if the Serbs in Bosnia were to settle the territorial disputes on the ground.” Koljevic figured that that was the British government’s “green light” for the Bosnian Serb Republic to launch its assault on the Muslim enclaves in Eastern Bosnia (Srebrenica, Zepa and Gorazde). Which, of course, the Bosnian Serbs did in July.”

Four months later while meeting with some of my British intelligence contacts in London, I had this story confirmed and embellished:

“LONDON, December 5, 1995 (Tuesday)

(a meeting at the hotel with XX, a former British intelligence operative – 15:30 to 16:40) 

U.S. Green Light “Hint” Re. Srebrenica

XX said that he “knew for a fact” (“I have a copy of the letter”) that the U.S. gave the Bosnian Serbs a “green light” to take Srebrenica and Zepa. He said he wouldn’t tell me who it was that did it, but that this person had written to Karadzic’s government and advised them to feel free to attack Srebrenica. But that this “source” had “couched the advice in four layers of disclaimers about how he wasn’t sure that this was accurate information.”

TiM Ed.: Only five hours later, I found out that this “mystery” person was. No wonder another U.S. source had expressed doubts about this supposedly pro-Serb SOB, when he showed up at this source’s Belgium apartment with two German agents. This leftist was either a double agent or was duped into being a conduit.

I said to XX that the Americans weren’t the only ones trying to con the Bosnian Serbs.

“Your (British) government did it, too,” I said. “Which only goes to show you that they have all conspired to f… the Serbs, not just the Americans.” 

XX seemed genuinely stunned about the revelation to do with the British treachery.”

For more, see “PERFIDIOUS ALBION STRIKES AGAIN” – http://www.truthinmedia.org/Bulletins/tim97-1-7.html

NOTE: Ivor Roberts, the former British ambassador to Yugoslavia with whom I have also met a number of times, both and the British embassy and at his residence, is now president of Oxford’s Trinity College. He was knighted by the Queen in 2000. So he is now Sir Ivor Anthony Roberts KCMG.


* * *



ALTZAR (Truth in Media): Of the 161 people indicted by the court, 94 of were Serbs, 29 were Croats, 9 were Albanians, 9 are Bosnian Muslims. Image11

Of the 94 indicted Serbs, 70 were convicted and sentenced, only 1 acquitted, and the rest died before the sentence was pronounced.

  • Of the 29 indicted Croats, 19 were convicted.
  • Of the 9 indicted Bosnian Muslims, 4 were convicted.
  • Of the 9 indicted Albanians, 2 were convicted.

Those are the FACTS.

What happened in Bosnia between 1992 and 1995 was a civil war. All parties committed crimes as it always happens in a war. But the vast majority of indictees were Serbs. And the Serbs accounted for an even greater majority of convictions.


The ICTY court’s bias appears even more egregious when you consider the Bosnian and Kosovo demographics before the war.

In Bosnia, the Muslims accounted for 44% of the population, the Croats 17% and the Serbs 31%. The balance to 100% were “Yugoslavs.”

In Kosovo, prior to the 1999 war, there were 83% Albanians, 10% Serbs and 7% other ethnic groups, according to the demographic report to the Court.

As of the 2011 Census, however, only 1.5% of the current Kosovo population were Serbs. Ironically, it is the Serbs – the victims – who were tried and convicted of “ethnic cleansing” in the media. And now in the courts, too.


So now that you know these FACTS, You can judge for yourself whether or not the Hague War Crimes Tribunal was biased against the Serbs. And understand why the Russian government felt compelled to speak out on behalf of the Serbs and the truth.

For more, see…

Russian Foreign Ministry Blasts the Hague for Unfairly Targeting Serbs: http://sputniknews.com/europe/20160325/1036989362/russia-blasts-icty-karadzic-serbs.html

Also see List of people indicted by ICTY…




Inline image 1

March 24, 1999

A GANG RAPE OF SERBIA: Another Day of Infamy 3-24-1999a film by Bob Altzar Djurdjevic – March 24, 2016 – music from Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake” finale recorded by ALTZAR in 2014 – includes original clips from wartime videos, along with Truth in Media photos


On March 23, 1999 at 22:17 UTC (2:17 PM PDT), the Secretary General of NATOJavier Solana, announced he had directed the NATO commander U.S. General Wesley Clark, to “initiate air operations in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.” On March 24, 1999 at 19:00 UTC (11 AM PDT), the NATO bombing of Serbia started.

And now, here’s the editorial this writer published the morning of March 24, 1999 at the original Truth in Media website.


MARCH 24, 1999

The New Day of Infamy

Mark this day – March 24, 1999! It may be remembered in history as a new Day of Infamy. Just as was December 7, 1941, the day the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Except that this time, it is the American-made bombs and pilots that are delivering hell to Serbia on behalf of the forces of Evil.

By his order to launch air strikes against Serbia, NATO and President Clinton have entered uncharted territory in mankind’s history. Not even Hitler’s grab of the Sudetenland in the 1930s, which eventually led to WW II, ranks as a comparable travesty.

For, there are no American interests whatsoever that the NATO bombing will either help, or protect; only needless risks to which it will expose the American soldiers and assets, not to mention the victims on the ground in Serbia.

Bombing Serbia is an act of raw, wanton aggression and violence by a power-hungry Clinton administration. No wonder most Americans who write to us say they are ashamed of it. But shame may quickly turn to blame (of Clinton), if the flames of war in Serbia engulf other nations, possibly even Russia.

May God help all innocent people whom Clinton and his neo-colonial NATO allies have put in mortal danger!”

Bob Djurdjevic, Founder and editor of the Truth in Media

Phoenix, Arizona, March 24, 1999

Drop Inline image 8linton, Not Bombs!

(See 78 Days of Infamy – http://www.truthinmedia.org/Kosovo/tim-war.html)

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One year later, on or about March 24, 2000, I gave a speech in Perth, Western Australia, at an event commemorating and honoring the victims of NATO’s war on Serbia.  The title of the speech was… (this is an excerpt):


A Gang Rape of a Small Nation 

A military alliance of 19 nations and 780 million people; with over half of the world’s gross economic product, possessing two-thirds of the global military power, ganged up on a tiny nation of 10 million.  For 78 days, NATO terrorized the people of Serbia, dropping 23,000 bombs and missiles on them in 36,000 sorties.

More than 2,000 Serbian civilians and 576 soldiers died in these savage attacks, 79 of them children.

Yet the citizens and the army of Serbia remained unbowed and unkowed!  This is not hearsay.  I saw their defiance with my own eyes during the six days I spent under NATO’s bombardment in April 1999, including a night duty guarding the Brankov Bridge in Belgrade with nothing but their lives.

For that reason,  I told the Serb people at every stop of my September 1999 “Tour de Serbia”, that it was my privilege to bow my head before them in admiration of their courage and love of freedom.kosovo-memorial

And then I did it. [bow]

Their exemplary resistance to a foreign aggression against such overwhelming odds inspired millions of patriots across America and around the world. They staged hundreds of protests of their own.  Your presence here on this March 24, 2000, the first anniversary of The New Day of Infamy, also attests to it.

And now, I would like to ask you to join me in honoring all NATO victims with a silent prayer or a minute of silence, as befits an ancient nation which has learned to mourn as well as honor its dead.

Let us pray… [pray]

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Back in the 1990s, I was a war correspondent and geopolitical commentator. My articles about the Balkans wars were published in the Truth in Media and the major media outlets in the US and around the world. March 24, 2014 is the 15th anniversary of the New Day of Infamy. That’s what I called that day in an editorial written on March 24, 1999, just before the NATO bombs started to fall on Serbia. This article and the short film within it are dedicated to the victims of the NATO bombs. They are my memorial to the indomitable human spirit. The music I recorded and used in this video – the theme from “Chariots of Fire” – was chosen by the Spirit for me. Because it also celebrates the strength and indestructibility of the human spirit. 

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There is no expiry date on murder, let alone mass murders

Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 11.42.07 AM Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 11.38.37 AM s4bg-burn

Je me souviens – I remember

There is no expiry date on murder, let alone mass murders. And yet there are war criminals still walking free on American streets. Some have even held high offices in US government. The purpose of this article is to remind ourselves of the fact that we harbor war criminals among us. And not to let them off the hook. Their crimes against innocent civilians have stained the American flag under which they were committed. So we must make sure that we distance ourselves from them if we are to regain the honor and respect that the Stars & Stripes once commanded around the world.

Just because these individuals have not been formally charged with war crimes does not mean they will  escape justice, either in this world or the next. Lest we forget, powerful dictators and warmongers look untouchable only for a while. Before they fall into the dustbin of history…

Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 11.38.34 AM

Je me souviens – I remember… This video is my memorial to the victims of NATO bombs


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Serbs are in love with their new leader. That’s wonderful. And dangerous. Because love is blind. (ALTZAR, July 1989)

Beware of nations that fall in love with their leader.


Because love is blind.

Hitler_speechesTake Germany in the 1930s, for example. They adored Hitler. They hung on his every word. One million Germans turned out for his May 1, 1933 speech at Templehofer Field in Berlin. They followed him without question.

And look what all that love got them. Seven million dead Germans at the end of World War II.

Or take Serbia in 1989. They also adored Milosevic. They hung on his every word. More than one million Serbs turned out for his Gazimestan speech in Kosovo on June 28, slobodan-milosevic-en-su-discurso-del-28-de-junio-de-19891989, commemorating the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Kosovo. hqdefault

And look what all that love got them. Tens of thousands of Serb casualties. Hundreds of thousands of refugees. Loss of Kosovo, the cradle of the Serbian civilization. Separation of the Serbs in Croatia and Bosnia. A dismemberment of the centuries old Serbian habitats.

1280px-Serbia_in_the_Yugoslav_WarsIn other words, a disaster.

What brought on this lesson in history?

Russia. Russia is in love with its leader… Putin.

And so are many other people around the world who are disgusted with their own leaders and governments.


Putin Kremlin

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin feeds a baby elk while visiting the Losiny Ostrov national park in Moscow, Saturday, June 5, 2010. The national park, a specially protected nature territory, is Moscow's only park where wild animals live free. (AP Photo/Alexei Druzhinin, Pool)
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin feeds a baby elk while visiting the Losiny Ostrov national park in Moscow, Saturday, June 5, 2010. The national park, a specially protected nature territory, is Moscow’s only park where wild animals live free. 

For the last several months, I have been observing an increased popularity of the Russian leader Vladimir Putin, both at home and abroad. In Russia, his approval rating had reached nearly 90% even before his decision to commit Russia’s armed forces against ISIS in Syria.


On Facebook, for example, the global weathervane of social status of any person or issue, there are now numerous groups and pages dedicated to Putin.

Like the Vladimir Putin Fan Club, for example, that now boasts nearly 90,000 members. Which is huge group number by Facebook group standards. The George Clooney Fan Club, for example, as 1,571 members,

The trouble is, the Putin Club is carefully censored, so that only favorable comments and articles get through.

And that – censorship – is the first telltale sign of a love gone blind. Or a dictatorship reincarnate. Because the only way we can learn and progress is through diversity of opinions.

That’s not democracy. That’s just being human. We humans have been designed to crave freedom. Which includes freedom of expression.

Just over a year ago, I published an editorial on Putin – “IS PUTIN NAIVE OR COY?, NOVEMBER 3, 2014).

Here are the two bullet-conclusions from this piece:

  • “There is no greater enemy to the mob leaders than when one of them turns rogue.” (Truth in Media)
  • “That Putin is now badmouthing the club of which he used to be a member sounds more like sour grapes of a jolted lover than rebellious statesmanship” (Truth in Media)

Perhaps Putin has sobered up in a year and a month since this article was published. Perhaps he has also contemplated the lessons history can offer, such as the Hitler and Milosevic examples.

The only way we will know for sure is if he starts dismantling this hero-worshipping personality cult and frenzy that has gripped Russia at the present time. And also some of the rest of the world.

Should Putin do so, and should he force diversity of opinions in the Russian and global media to be freely voiced, then this writer will be also prepared to give him a nod.

But if he just sits back and enjoys his current popularity, watch out. There’ll be assassins with knives lurking in the shadows. Just as with Julius Caesar and many other popular leaders in the past.

In February 1992, during a long meeting with the then Serbian President Milosevic at his office in Belgrade two months before the Bosnian war broke out, I tried to tell him that.

“One day, you might be tried for war crimes,” I warned him.

He shrugged and smiled dismissively.

(see Milosevic: “A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside an Enigma”, June 1998).


I left my birthplace, the former country of Yugoslavia illicitly, without an exit visa. I emigrated to North America via Switzerland. I did it because I feared that, as one of the leaders of the student rebellion against the communist government in June 1968, it was just a matter of time before I were be arrested or hampered in my career. Because I left illegally, I never expected to return.

But return I did. As it turned out, my self-imposed exile lasted two decades. By 1989, communism was crumbling even in the Soviet Union.

In May 1989, I received an invitation from the Yugoslav government to attend an international business conference in Belgrade. I accepted it, reluctantly, not trusting the Milosevic communist government more than Tito’s. But now as a successful American businessman, I was welcomed back home as a prodigal son, red carpet and all.



July 23, 1989


“It seems to me as if the Serbs in Yugoslavia are now living in a time capsule.  As if they are frantically trying to make up for the last 45 years of their history of which Tito’s (communist) anti-Serbian policies have deprived them…

In other words, the Serbs are in love; in love with their heritage, and in love with their new leader – (Slobodan) Milosevic. 

That’s wonderful.  And dangerous, too.  Just ask a teenage girl…

By the way, that’s also how Americans felt about George Washington after the Treaty of Paris (1783) restored our own hard-fought-for rights of which a British dictator (George III, the king) had deprived them.

Indeed, euphoria that follows liberation can be as intoxicating as the first love.  But ‘love is blind,’ as they say.  And (without intending any harm to the handicapped) – who wants to follow a blind person?

At the time (back in 1989-1990), Milosevic had a 90% approval rating in Serbia, about the same as Putin in Russia now. In fact, Milosevic was so popular in Serbia that this writer suffered the wrath of even his own family over the above editorial comments.

Thus he felt the need to explain and defend his stance in the Aug. 6, 1990 and Sep. 22, 1990 letters that follow:

ONE YEAR LATER, July 31, 1990

PHOENIX, July 31, 1990 – During the 12 months since my “Marketing of Serbia” essay was written (on July 23, 1989 – see above), I have been trying to figure out if Slobodan Milosevic was a. was a Communist masquerading as a Serbian nationalist, or a Serbian nationalist masquerading as a Communist.

After my meeting with him last January (1990), I was leaning toward the latter possibility.  But after my visit to Belgrade in June (1990), during which I saw what was billed as “the first opposition parties’ rally in 45 years” – after Milosevic’s sudden call for a referendum in late June; after his Hitler-like dissolution of the Kosovo parliament; and after his election as president of the ‘new’ Socialist Party of Serbia – I don’t think that there is much room for doubt left.  He may be a genuine Serbian nationalist. But so was Hitler – a genuine German nationalist!

In other words, Milosevic seems to be first and foremost a dictator, now masquerading as a democracy-loving socialist – so as to keep his job!

“Serbia is still led by retreads from the Communist Party who have neither moral nor practical authority to carve ‘a place under the sun,’ for our people,” agreed (the late) Dr. Milorad Draskovic of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.

FIVE YEARS LATER, July 23, 1994

My reporting from Bosnia and Serbia as war correspondent, meetings with Mladic, Karadzic, betrayal by Milosevic, Serbian sanctions; one year later (1995), Bosnian Serbs start to lost the war they had in their hands in July 1993. NATO to bomb them next month and finish them off.

On Dec 14, 1995, the Dayton Peace Accord is signed in Paris, ending the Bosnian war. And kicking off the next phase of the New World Order’s war on Serbia and Milosevic.

TEN YEARS LATER, July 23, 1999

NATO attacks Serbia and bombs the country for 78 days (Mar 24 – June 6, 1999).

A year later (2000), it is the beginning of the end for Milosevic.


On 24 September 2000, Milošević was defeated in the first round In the five-man presidential race. The election was won by the opposition leader Vojislav Koštunica, who won slightly more than 50% of the vote. Milošević initially refused to acquiesce, claiming that no one had won a majority.

The Yugoslav constitution called for a runoff between the top two candidates in the event that no candidate won more than 50% of the vote. Official results put Koštunica ahead of Milošević but at under 50 percent. The internationally financed CeSID claimed otherwise, though its story changed throughout the two weeks between 24 September and 5 October.This led to mass demonstrations in Belgrade on 5 October, known as the Bulldozer Revolution.

Milošević was forced to accept this when commanders of the army who he had expected to support him had indicated that in this instance they would not, and would permit the violent overthrow of the Serbian government.[citation needed] On 6 October, Milošević met with Koštunica and publicly accepted defeat. Koštunica finally took office as Yugoslav president on 7 October following Milošević’s announcement.


Milošević was arrested by Yugoslav authorities on April 1, 2001 following a 36 hour armed standoff between police and Milošević’s bodyguards at his Belgrade villa. He was sent to the Hague for prosecution of alleged war crimes on June 28, 2001, exactly 12 years after his greatest triumph – a speech at Gazimestan, Kosovo to a crowd of about one million people – commemorating the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Kosovo.


Milosevic died in his cell at the Hague War Crimes Tribunal prison on Mar 11, 2006 allegedly of a heart attack. But Milosevic had complained days before that he was being poisoned.

The drug found in Milosevic’s blood both two weeks before and after his death is a powerful antibiotic known as Rifampicin, used to treat serious bacterial infections like tuberculosis, leprosy and Legionnaire’s disease. Rifampicin is known to interfere with medications Milosevic was taking for high blood pressure.

Milosevic wrote a letter, dated March 8, to the Russian government, saying that on March 7, he received a report that “an extremely strong drug” was found in his blood and that doctors were treating him wrongly to silence him. His lawyer, Mr. Tomanovic, said Mr. Milosevic feared that he was being poisoned.

Mr. Tomanovic said he had delivered this letter, accompanied by a handwritten note from Mr. Milosevic, to the Russian Embassy in The Hague on Friday morning. He was found dead the next morning (Mar 11, 2006).

On Mar 31, 2006, a United Nations investigation into the death of Slobodan Milosevic found no evidence of foul play or suicide.

Meanwhile, Milosevic was the 6th person who died at the UN War Crimes Tribunal prison at the Hague. All six were Serbs. They ranges in ages from 50 to 64.

A coincidence?

(see “Who Says There’s No Death Penalty at the Hague?” –

Peace for our time 1938 2013

* * *


Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 2.51.57 PM.PNG


Back in December, I published the Truth in Media editorial “BEWARE OF NATIONS THAT FALL IN LOVE WITH THEIR LEADER” – http://wp.me/p3QU1S-1dZ. I cited the Vladimir Putin Fan Club as a case in point – https://www.facebook.com/groups/vladimirputinfans/.


This Facebook group now boasts over 94,000 members. Which is huge by FB group standards. The George Clooney Fan Club, for example, has 1,952 members,
The trouble is, the Putin Club is carefully censored, so that only favorable comments and articles get through.
How do I know that?
Well, this morning, I posted to this group the breaking news story about the largest leak in history of investigative journalism – A PANAMA BOMBSHELL: “MOTHER OF ALL LEAKS” – http://panamapapers.sueddeutsche.de/articles/56febff0a1bb8d3c3495adf4/
My post was approved by the censors and appeared on the Vladimir Putin Fan Club for awhile. But when I added the excerpt which also implicated Putin and his friends in the laundering business of dirty money, my post was taken down.
ALTZAR: This is the biggest leak in the history of investigative journalism. Yet there is not a peep about it in the U.S. media. Fear not, though. A leak of this size and kind is likely to cause a tsunami around the world of the kind that even our lamestream media cannot ignore.
As Edward Snowden said in a tweet a few minutes ago, “courage is contagious.” He was referring to someone inside Mossack Fonseca law firm who released the 2.6 terabytes of data about these secret deals and dirty money. – https://panamapapers.icij.org/20160403-putin-russia-offshore-network.html
I reposted my initial post a couple of hours later, just to test the system and make sure it was censorship and not an accidental removal. The second post was deleted just like the first one.
So back to my December editorial:
“And that – censorship – is the first telltale sign of a love gone blind. Or a dictatorship reincarnate. Because the only way we can learn and progress is through diversity of opinions.”
“That’s not democracy. That’s just being human. We humans have been designed to crave freedom. Which includes freedom of expression.”
Also see another editorial on Putin – “IS PUTIN NAIVE OR COY?, NOVEMBER 3, 2014 – http://wp.me/p3QU1S-yl).



Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 4.26.40 PM

Turkish Troops and Tanks Cross Iraqi Border Prompting Sharp Rebuke From Iraqi Prime Minister, Yet They Shot Down Russian Jet for an Alleged 15 Second Intrusion into Turkey

Turkish incursion into Iraq

CVNILEsWUAAR3MrHas Erdogan (Turkey’s  president) lost his mind? Or is he being used as Washington’s “mad dog” to provoke Russia into a military confrontation?

Either way, it’s not working.  Russian president Putin is not taking the bait.

Instead of engaging in the military “saber rattling,” as he called Turkish/NATO bravado during his Dec 3 state of the union speech in Moscow, Russia is applying economic sanctions on Turkey that are far more painful for those driven by Greed. Like the westernized societies, including Turkey. Because they are hurting Erdogan’s and his backers pocketbooks (see PUTIN: TURKEY WILL REGRET SHOOTING DOWN SU-24 JET, Dec 3).

Teddy Roosevelt Putin Big Stick cartoon[ Speak softly but carry a big stick


Meanwhile, the truth about the Turkey’s Nov 24 shootdown of the Russian SU-24 jet is beginning to trickle out, as Truth invariable does, sooner or later. Right from the start, we suspected that the whole incident was a well planned provocation.


Well, past experiences in such matters as a war correspondent in the Balkans during the 1990s, for one. Also, because the Turkish TV crews were “miraculously” in place at the right time to film the shootdown.

SU 24 2015-11-24 at 11.42.43 AM“As a former war correspondent, I can tell you – it is very difficult, nigh impossible – to be at the right place and the right time in a war zone, and have the camera ready and pointing in the right direction,” the Truth in Media editor wrote on Nov 24 (“AMERICA IS AT WAR WITH THE WORLD, PART VI: HOW TO START WW III?,” NOV 24, 2015).

Well, now more facts are emerging that seem to support the notion that the shootdown was a premeditated murder and a deliberate provocation to Russia.

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 4.26.40 PMWikiLeaks revealed today in a tweet that a Turkish ‘deep throat’ revealed six weeks ago Erdogan’s plan for a Russian jet shootdown? https://archive.is/mZTQ3#selection-367.0-385.0 … #Syria #ISIS and https://twitter.com/UyusukKursun/status/673216243290218496).


“Erdogan is attempting to mobilise his voters by a threat of war. Turks are patriotic chaps, they were brought up on worshiping their WWI hero General Kemal Ataturk. For them (like for many nations), a threat of war is a clarion call for unity and support of government. For this reason he plans to pull Turkey to the brink of war with Russia. “

A page right out of the “Wag the Dog” film scenario, it seems.

The so-called Turkish “Deep Throat”, Fuat Avni, an anonymous knowledgeable insider who sends his twits under https://twitter.com/fuatavni_f has a strong record of disclosing noxious plans of the government.

Now (Oct 12, 2015) he claimed Erdogan has given orders to shoot down Russian planes operating in Syria while claiming they have intruded into Turkish airspace (see https://archive.is/mZTQ3#selection-507.0-507.330).

Which is exactly what happened on Nov 24, six weeks later!

It gets worse…

Iraq Orders Turkey to ‘Immediately’ Withdraw Troops Sent across Border

Today, Dec 5, Turkish media reported that about 150 Turkish soldiers backed by 20 to 25 tanks had been sent by road to the Bashiqa area north-east of Mosul, the city that is Islamic State’s main hub in Iraq.

A border violation? No kidding.

About 150 troops and two dozen tanks and artillery pushing their way 150 km (over 90 miles) into a sovereign country. That’s quite a bit more blatant a “border violation” than was even the 15 second alleged intrusion by the Russian jet on Nov 24, which Russia has denied it ever took place.

Turkish incursion into Iraq

Iraq has told Turkey to “immediately” withdraw forces, including tanks and artillery, it has deployed in the country’s north without Baghdad’s consent, the office of the prime minister, Haider al-Abadi, said on Saturday.

“The Iraqi authorities call on Turkey to … immediately withdraw from Iraqi territory,” the statement said.

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 6.05.00 PM“We have confirmation that Turkish forces, numbering about one armoured regiment with a number of tanks and artillery, entered Iraqi territory … allegedly to train Iraqi groups, without a request or authorisation from Iraqi federal authorities,” it said.

The deployment “is considered a serious violation of Iraqi sovereignty”, it added.

Again, no kidding! Sending troops and armor 90 miles deep into Iraq?

ALTZAR: So if Iraq, for example, were to take a cue from Turkey about its shootdown of the Russian over an alleged 15 second border violation, they should ask Obama to wipe out the entire Turkish column.

Fat chance, of course. Because my money is that Erdogan IS actually Obama’s mad dog on a not so short a leash,

GUARDIAN: Iraq orders Turkey to ‘immediately’ withdraw troops sent across border…  http://gu.com/p/4ezfe/stw


As for the bottom-line, the Russians are likely to end with a fully developed naval, air and ground base in Latakia on the Mediterranean shore, its answer to the vast US base in Kosovo and a solution to the limitations of the Bosporus. It will be a new Sevastopol, the greatest Russian enterprise for a century. Putingrad, anyone?

Bottom Line? Russian May End Up with New Naval Base in the Mediterranean, Countering the Huge U.S. Base in Kosovo


Unsurprisingly, Obama and NATO backed Turkey. 

Putin 2015-11-24 at 3.52.43 PM NATO Russia.PNG Erdogan 2015-11-24 at 3.55.56 PMG20 Turkey

 * * *



I did. As a former war correspondent, I can tell you – it is very difficult, nigh impossible – to be at the right place and the right time in a war zone, and have the camera ready and pointing in the right direction.

For example, Lindsey Hilsum, Channel 4 News International Editor, asked this morning in her Tweet: 

How come a Turkish TV crew was in the right place, filming in the right direction as Russian plane shot down? Lucky? Or tipped off?”

To which I replied:

“Good question. Reminded me of CNN crews being ready to film massacres in Sarajevo in 1992-1993 for which Serbs were blamed.”

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 4.18.07 PM

Whereupon, her Tweet disappeared. And someone (she?) blocked my access to her Tweets (see above message). However, the London Telegraph and the London Guardian had both preserved Hilsum’s original tweet in its own report. So here it is…

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 4.28.20 PM

Worse, Hilsum made no mention of her tweeted questions and suspicions about the Turkish media being tipped off in her published Channel 4 story.

Was she threatened?  If so, by whom?

It doesn’t matter. After all, Hilsum is an international media editor, not just an ordinary reporter. So she should have known better than to change her story to fit NATO’s political scenario.

In any event, here we have proof positive about how the “lamestream” media manipulate the news they report. And why they should not be trusted.

What will Russia do? 

Until now, Putin has been rather tolerant of western betrayals and duplicity.  Unlike some of the western leaders who are prone to grandstanding bravados which only exacerbate tensions, Putin is not known for knee jerk reactions and idle threats. 

The Feb 2014 coup d’etat in Ukraine was a case in point. The downing of the MH17 Malaysian airlines jet over Ukraine was another. The oil war of 2014 was also intended to hurt Russia economically (see OIL WAR 2014: PRELUDE TO SHOOTING WAR?, DEC 7, 2014).  All the while, Putin refused to be drawn into retaliatory military action.

Obama Putin in TurkeyBut now, the latest attack on Russia caused deadly casualties. And it happened right after Putin and Obama had agreed on coordinating their military actions against ISIS (on Nov 15). Might this be the straw that broke the camel’s back?  

Putin’s today’s warning to Turkey, and therefore to NATO – that there will be “significant consequences” – is that much more significant. And rather ominous. 

Frankly, with or without NATO’s and Obama’s backing, I would not want to be in Erdogan’s shoes right now. Because it will be the Turks, not the Americans, French or Germans, who will be doing the dying if Russia retaliates. 

Unless, of course, the erstwhile “peacenik” Obama is hell bent for leather to start World War III.  In which case all bets are off.

* * *


SU 24 shoot down SU 24 2015-11-24 at 11.42.43 AM Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 11.51.37 AM

NATO Secretary General during his press conference
NATO Secretary General during his press conference Nov 24, 2015

A Turkish F-16 fighter jet, flying near Turkey’s border with Syria, shot down a Russian Su-24 military jet. It is not clear whether the Russian plane had entered Turkish territory. Turkey said that it did. The Russians deny it, and are accusing Turkey’s jet of crossing into Syria in order to shoot down the Russian SU-24 fighter jet. 

Both sides have presented maps to back up their claims. The SU-24 ultimately fell to the ground well inside the Syrian border. Which gives more credence to the Russian version of the story.

As the SU-24 jet was spiraling down, the two pilots ejected from the plane. The Russian Defense Ministry has said that one pilot and a Russian marine who had been on the rescue helicopter were killed on the ground. 

* * *

UPDATE NOV 25, 2015

Teddy Roosevelt Putin Big Stick cartoon[.PNG


“Dead” Man Talking and Telling the Truth about Turkish Backstabbing

It is always fascinating how predictable the western media whores and their government sponsors are.

What does a person do who starts losing a debate?

He tried to change the subject.

Demonstrators in front of the Turkish embassy in Moscow (Nov 25, 2015)

Well, that’s exactly what’s happening in the American media on this Thanksgiving Eve morning. Only yesterday, all major lamestream media were trumpeting Turkey’s and NATO’s claim that Russian jet was shot down before it entered the Turkish air space.

Today, nearly nada. I had to dig through Golden State WarriorsGeorge OsborneBlack FridayThanksgivingFrançois HollandePope FrancisChicago Police DepartmentCostco and Refugees stories to get to the update on the Russia-Turkey situation.


Because things evidently did not quite as planned for the New World Order stooges who provoked this deadly incident. Thanks to the heroics of the Syrian special forces, one of the two Russian pilots was rescued right under the noses of their terrorist enemies. And now he is talking to the media, telling everyone the truth of what happened.

The rescued pilot, Capt. Konstantin Murakthin, told Rossiya-1 television that the warplane’s two-man crew had no warning of the Turkish attack and denied they had strayed into Turkish airspace “even for one second.”

“The entire mission was in my full personal control until the explosion,” Murakhtin said from Russia’s Hemeimeem air base near Latakia where he was recuperating after the stealth, 12-hour rescue operation that plucked him from rebel-held territory (see http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-34925229).

russian pilot 2015-11-25 at 9.06.03 AM

The navigator vowed to rejoin the air campaign against the anti-Assad forces that Moscow has labeled terrorists.

“I have a debt to pay off on the part of my commander,” Murakhtin said of the SU-24 pilot, Lt. Col. Oleg Peshkov, who was shot dead by rebels as he parachuted from the stricken warplane early Tuesday.

Syrian special forces had staged a dramatic overnight rescue of one of the two Russian pilots who ejected from the SU-24 after it was struck by an air-to-air missile. Both Russian airman had been reported dead by Syrian rebel forces controlling the border area where the plane was shot down.

Which was obviously a false claim, as we now see. The “dead” man is now speaking and helping expose the Turkey-NATO failed ploy to the world.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 8.42.10 AM.PNG

He is not alone. Just as the Truth in Media reported yesterday, today, the Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told journalists in Moscow on Wednesday that the Turkish action in shooting down the jet had all the hallmarks of “a planned provocation.”

As a result, Russia has now ordered the deployment of sophisticated S400 ground-to-air missiles in Syria. The missiles have a range of 250 kilometers (155 miles), according to the missilethreat.com website. The Turkish border is less than 30 miles away.

The Kremlin also said it was moving the missile-carrying cruiser Moskva closer to the Syrian government-controlled Latakia area, where Tuesday’s deadly confrontation occurred, to provide better protection of Russian aircraft.

So Russia is speaking softly but carrying a big stick, to borrow the Teddy Roosevelt phrase.

The strengthening of Russian air defenses in the region further raises the stakes for the multinational coalition trying to contain the Islamic State extremists who have proclaimed a “caliphate” in the vast Syrian and Iraqi territory they control. If Russia were to shoot down a Turkish plane, or one from any other NATO member state, the Western military alliance would be obliged to respond to the attack.


 * * *


Speaking ahead of his meeting with King Abdullah II of Jordan in Sochi (Nov 24), the Russian leader said:

“This event is beyond the normal framework of fighting against terrorism. Of course our military is doing heroic work against terrorism… But the loss today is a stab in the back, carried out by the accomplices of terrorists. I can’t describe it in any other way. 

Our aircraft was downed over the territory of Syria, using air-to-air missile from a Turkish F-16. It fell on the Syrian territory 4km from Turkey.

Neither our pilots nor our jet threatened the territory of Turkey. This is obvious. They are fighting terrorists in the northern areas around Latakia, where militants are located, mainly people who originated in Russia, and they were pursuing their direct duty, to make sure these people do not return to Russia. These are people who are clearly international terrorists.

Taking into account that we signed an agreement on deconflicting with the US, and as we know Turkey was among the ones that has joined the US coalition. 

Since ISIS has such huge resources of hundreds of millions and billions of dollars coming from illicit oil sales, and they are protected by the armed forces of other states, then it’s clear why they are so brazen, why they are killing people, why they are carrying out terrorist attacks throughout the world including in the heart of Europe.

We will analyse everything, and today’s tragic event will have significant consequences, including for Russia-Turkish relations. We have always treated Turkey as a friendly state. I don’t know who was interested in what happened today, certainly not us. And instead of immediately getting in contact with us, as far as we know, the Turkish side immediately turned to their partners from Nato to discuss this incident, as if we shot down their plane and not they ours.

There has been abundance of images today surrounding the downed Russian jet, which has generated suspicions among some.”

NATO CREATION TIMETABLE: “Map of NATO chronological”

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