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This is an article I published on Nov 9, the day after the election. Here’s the Nov 9 lead:
“Did you hear that clang at 1:11 AM last night? It was the sound of the New World Order shackles hitting the ground. At that auspicious moment – the Masters #111 on a Masters #11 day (11-09-2016) – Donald Trump was officially declared winner.
And we, the American people, did it. We broke those shackles and have now started to tear down the walls and chains with which the plutocrats of the New World Order have kept us enslaved.”

Today, Jan 20, 2017, a promise has become a fact. The new dawn is upon us. Our hopes and dreams became a reality as Donald Trump was sworn in as president.

Prompted by comments by my nephew in Belgrade, Serbia, I just watched Trump’s inaugural speech. GIVING POWER BACK TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE – would be my headline for it (see TRUMP’S INAUGURAL SPEECH –

Which means, Trump’s unenviable task of draining the swamp and driving the New World Order snakes from our shores has now officially begun. Let us unite and help him in this noble effort.


 * * *


One more blunder by the lamestream media…


A Truth in Media Editorial

Facebook thinks it’s getting more sophisticated by using the AI (artificial intelligence) to manage its 1.8 billion users. But actually FB is getting more stupid. Because any mad-made technology is flawed compared to human intelligence.

For example, any time Facebook AI software sees a naked tit, it freaks out. It cannot distinguish between a woman’s breast published in a news story, or in a medical journal, or shown as a work of art or in a porn video. Because it lacks context and human judgement, FB assumes all nudity is porn. And it acts accordingly – by shooting the messenger.

That’s what happened to me on Monday night when I posted a short news story about a topless woman I saw crossing a major street in Honolulu, right in front of the City Hall. I used a couple of stock photos of other women activists who were demonstrating topless in Washington, DC and New York (see TOPLESS HONOLULU STREET WALKER – Both photos had been previously published by major media.

Almost immediately, Facebook logged me out and banned me from being able to post anything for 24 hours. Whereupon, I asked some of my FB friends to post this comment for me:


FB just blocked me (temporarily) for posting that story about a topless Hawaiian woman in Honolulu. Yet that was a factual NEWS story!

And the pictures are used as file photos have been already published by the major media in New York and Washington, DC. In fact, they are female activists challenging such dogma.

Of course, I filed a complaint to FB about having me blocked for publishing a news story. But I am not holding my breath.

Go figure, prudish FB censorship.

Maybe I’ll quit FB permanently. Sorry – my nearly 5,000 friends if I decide to do it. But I find it problematic that a founder of the Truth in Media should condone censorship.

Since I am not able to post anything on FB for 24 hours, I would appreciate it if some of you with FB accounts will post this for me and reference my FB profile as:

Now I know this has happened to a lot of FB users.  Many of them get angry at FB and accuse it of censorship. Some get quite emotional and attack the FB founder Mark Zuckerberg for being malicious.

Not that Zuckerberg is blameless. But why waste emotions on actions of a poorly programmed robot? Which is what the AI software is. It’s just a stupid robot.

Of course, Zuckerberg and his FB geniuses designed the stupid robot. So that’s why he is not blameless. But he “just a human.” Meaning flawed, despite the billions of dollars Wall Street has given him for inventing a stupid robot.

So instead of getting angry at Facebook or Zuckerberg, maybe we should feel sorry for them and just say, “Oh, you poor, stupid thing.” And then accept their shortcomings with the same grace and compassion we regard the defects of a disabled human.

It’s just that Facebook’s disability is in its head and thus not easily visible. But now we know and see it clearly.

PS: Of course, I plan to post this editorial as soon as I get out of the FB jail. And then probably give FB a rest for awhile. I don’t care to deal with stupid people… oops, I mean stupid robots. 🙂

After all, “where ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise” (Thomas Gray, 1716-1771).




Thanks to the internet and social media, Americans are now learning to distinguish between real and fake news

It’s getting harder to pull the wool over American voters’ eyes

The Reuters Institute For The Study Of Journalism recently released a report showing that trust levels in news media vary hugely by country. Trust is highest in affluent Western European nations, primarily due to the presence of well-funded public service broadcasters. Some 65 percent of people in Finland, for example, agreed that “you can trust most news most of the time”.

In the United States, however, the epicenter of the fake news storm unleashed by Lying Hillary and her lamestream media supporters, trust was far lower – just 33 percent.


ALTZAR: So, it’s working, its working!

As a longtime fighter for the Truth in Media, a non-profit endeavor I founded over a quarter century ago to counter the fake news in the mainstream media during the Balkan wars in the 1990s, I find this report quite heartening.

As a nation we are maturing, getting smarter, learning to depend more on our own wits, exercise judgment and use common sense, instead of placing a blind trust in the media and government institutions as many of our parents had.

What better proof of it than Donald Trump’s election win. Without the internet and the social media, Hillary and the hoards of her lying and cheating lamestream media supporters would have dominated the news and fooled most people. Just as CNN et. al. did in the 1990s, for example, in Bosnia and Kosovo. And Trump wouldn’t have stood the chance.

So it’s working, it’s working! Free spirit is returning to America. Slowly. But the pendulum is now swinging in the other direction. And the universe is unfolding as it should and always had.



Over 22 years ago, I predicted that the PC/Internet revolutions would have a similar effect on mankind as had the invention of a handgun. They would level the playing field, I wrote in a Nov 12, 1994 article, and empower individuals and small businesses in the way we have not seen since Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance period (see PC/Internet Revolutions and Refusion of Arts and Sciences

“With a handgun in her hand, a little old lady could confront a 500-pound gorilla – and win!,” I said.

[also see my 1997 FORBES column “Move over Einstein, Signor da Vinci Is Back”, and my speech in Saint Petersburg, Russia, in May 2006 (PDF) –

And that’s what happened on Nov 8. A Little Old Lady America loaded her handgun and shot down the fake news Hillary and her lamestream media cohorts were trying to advance. At the same time, Wikileaks kept releasing the real news about the most corrupt candidate who has ever run for president.

It was a modern David vs. Goliath story, In the end, the truth won. Which I find quite heartening after trying to advance its cause for over a quarter century.


I also find the widespread use of the term “lamestream” media quite heartening. In the early 1990s, my Irish-American friend, Peter Maher, a retired professor of linguistics at a Chicago university, were using that term in reference to media lies and deceptions about the war in Bosnia. I remember that I had to put it quotes because the spellchecker would reject it.

Not anymore. Now “everybody” is using it. And the spellchecker doesn’t mind it, either. Another small victory. 🙂


Truth in Media Editorial


Congressional “death merchants'” war dogs start barking, fearing peace may break out

Truth be told, they and the lamestream media started barking against a possible Trump-Tillerson foreign policy ticket well before today’s announcement. And now, their worst fears have come true. They are losing control of US foreign policy, their sacred turf since almost a century ago. Neither Trump nor Tillerson are members of their “elite” New World Order clubs.

It was almost comical to see the headlines and the comments in the lamestream media about Donald Trump’s ultimate pick for Secretary of State, the Exxon-Mobil chairman Rex Tillerson.

Congressional war dogs, who have been for decades barking out venom against Russia as obedient servants of American corporate “death merchants,” are terrified that peace may finally break out. Which would mean they’d be, of course, out of work. So now they are threatening a fight over Tillerson’s confirmation.

Well, that’s sort of predictable. Having lost the election, they are now trying to sabotage the work Trump is trying to do. They will lose. As they did in November.

Maybe the Secretary of State confirmation hearings will give Rex Tillerson a chance to earn the nickname T-Rex (Tyrannosaurus Rex) – the most fearsome of all prehistoric animals. Hopefully Rex will devour the NWO congressional war dogs for breakfast, and then he and Trump together will finish off their puppet masters for dinner. 🙂 That’s my wishful thinking anyway.

And then – peace may finally break out. God willing.

If that were to come to pass, I could even forgive Trump giving Hillary a free out of jail pass.


NEWS STORY (London Guardian)

Trump picks Tillerson for state department

Donald Trump has nominated Rex Tillerson, the president and chief executive of ExxonMobil, as secretary of state. “His tenacity, broad experience and deep understanding of geopolitics make him an excellent choice for secretary of state,” the president-elect said in a statement.

The selection of the ExxonMobil president marks the end of a drawn-out search to fill the position, during which time Trump considered several potential contenders, including former presidential candidate Mitt Romney – who was very critical of Trump during the election campaign – former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani and former CIA chief David Petraeus.

However, Tillerson’s approval by the Senate is far from guaranteed. His close ties to Russia, where he has completed a number of projects and was awarded the Order of Friendship by Vladimir Putin in 2013, as well as his lack of experience will be cause for concern for senators from both parties.

 * * *

UPDATE DEC 14, 2016




For a man who was said to have no foreign policy experience, Donald Trump made two presidentially deft geopolitical moves this month. Both are aimed at neutralizing China’s growing power in the world and stopping the demonization of Russia.  So Trump is already starting to shake up the world even if he is not even president yet.


Trump’s first bold move was to take a phone call on Dec. 2 from Taiwan’s President, Tsai Ing-wen. This set off alarms in Beijing. Red China’s leaders are now fearing that Trump may be challenging their longstanding “one China” policy.

If so, Trump will playing Nixon’s “China-card” in reverse, by wooing Moscow to isolate Beijing. And not just Nixon’s card. George H. Bush not only looked the other way when Chinese communist leaders massacred thousands of Tiananmen Square pro-democracy demonstrators on June 4, 1989. He rewarded them with hundreds of billions of dollars in foreign investments that turned China into a virtual factory of the world over the next decade (see China: Real Cold War Winner – Russia Is Still a Bogey, March 2002 –

This writer had spent a lot of ink in his global business and geopolitical articles in the 1990s railing against the foolhardiness of such policies (see, for example,  Who Lost China?, Aug 1999 –,  Killing Russia Softly, Apr 1997 –


Xi Jinping, China’s president, referred to Russia and China as “friends forever.” That assertion will now have to pass a Trump test.


Because Trump’s second foreign policy move this month – appointing the ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson Secretary of State – threatens to cause a possible rift between Russia and China. Until now, the two bedrock members of anti-New World Order BRICS organization – Russia and China – have been close allies, united in their resistance to the U.S. global hegemony.

But Tillerson enjoys historic ties with Vladimir Putin and Russia, where he was awarded the Order of Friendship, he enjoys no such history with China (see ‘Friends forever’? China wary of Rex Tillerson wooing away Russia, Guardian, Dec 14, 2016). And we already know what his new boss thinks of China.


In fact, some commentators say that Trump may be Weaponizing China’s $1.16 Trillion of US Treasuries (e.g., Daniel Kruger, Forbes CONTRIBUTOR).

China is the largest holder of US Treasuries. It held $1.16 trillion of U.S. government debt as of September. For more than a decade, politicians have expressed concern that China and other foreign government could use their significant stakes in Treasuries against the U.S. by dumping them on the market. Such a move would potentially drive borrowing costs in the U.S. higher, they argued.

True. But this would also hurt China’s exports – the sacred cow of its communist government. Because should China try to dump the Treasuries, it would weaken the dollar and bolster its currency, known variously as the yuan and the renminbi. Which means the price of Chinese goods would rise, thus diminishing their global market appeal.

So selling off treasuries would be China cutting off its nose to spite itself. Or shooting itself in the foot to hurt the U.S. Chinese leaders are ruthless communists but they are not stupid. And Trump knows it. So he is using their massive treasuries holdings as a weapon with which to wag their tail.

So do you still think America’s president-elect is inexperienced in foreign affairs?


 * * *

Truth in Media Editorial – Part 3

UPDATE DEC 14, 2016 


What’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander?

During presidential campaign, and even now, the lamestream media keep fabricating stories about Russia’s alleged rigging of the U.S. election without offering any proof. Perhaps that’s because the establishment stooges remember how they did just that in Russia 20 years ago.

In early 1996, Boris Yeltsin’s approval rate was in the single digits. He had carried out a presidential coup, started a sham war in Chechnya, and had helped oligarchs pillage the nation which brought the economy to its knees, with people like this little girl in Moscow starving and forced to beg for food.


Yet in July 1996, he was elected president for the second time. How did this happen?

“It took one of the most unfair, costliest and most fraudulent election battles in the history of democracy,” writes Mark Nicholas on Dec 12, 2016 in RUSSIA INSIDER. “All with the complicity of the United States which backed the Russian alcoholic in chief every step of the way (as it had during the ’93 coup).”

(see If Russia Did Rig the US Election It Would Only Be Payback for Yeltsin’s Second Term:

Alleging Russia’s complicity in Donald Trump’s win is merely a sign of desperation. Like Don Quixote, the New World Order establishment are swinging at the windmills. They won’t be doing it for much longer.

Even before Trump has been sworn in, he is starting to drive the New World Order snakes out of America, just as Saint Patrick did in Ireland in the 5th century (see the Truth in Media editorial New World Order Snakes to Be Expelled from America, Oct 24, 2016).  That’s a hopeful sign.

Let us pray that he continues draining the swamp faithfully after he assumes office.

For more, see…

PS: By the way, Russia, Serbia and China were the only countries that expected Trump to win. Take a look at this chart.


* * *

Truth in Media Editorial – Part 4

UPDATE DEC 15, 2016 


If Donald Trump is really as smart as his early moves suggest, he will realize that alienating China will NOT “Make America Great Again,” his election slogan. Only a true partnership between the three global power centers will. Which, at the present time means, the U.S., Russia and China.


Because since time immemorial, triangles have been the building blocks that offer both strength and stability.

Think Trinity if you are religiously inclined. Think Giza Pyramids if you are a history buff. Think Merkaba*, an ancient symbol of creation, if you are spiritually endowed. Think milking stool, if you are a farmer. A milking stool has three legs for one simple reason. It’s nearly impossible to knock it over. Which comes handy with a restless cow. Or a world in a state of flux.


The 20th century has shown us that bipolar worlds do not work. Superpowers do not last. Before you know it, one partner will switch sides and turn on the other. They are easy to knock down and can lead to anarchy. And to world wars.

So if Trump really wants to make America great again, he must do so by mending fences with all nations, especially the most power-hungry ones. Like China. Not by appeasing them. Not by bombing them. Nor bribing them with U.S. investments. But by using the U.S. assets as leverage against China’s power plays so as to keep its ambitions in check.

Let us hope and pray that Trump is as wise as he is smart.

*NOTE: Merkaba is a geometrically precise field that is formed from the pattern of the first eight cells of the fertilized zygote. The location of these eight cells is in the geometrical center of the human body in the base or root chakra. The eight cells also provide the center point for all of the energy fields and grids that surround the body. Thus, the Merkaba field is the matrix of creation.

Merkaba is both an Egyptian and Hebrew word for the field of light energy and information that radiates from the human body as the star tetrahedron, also known as the Star of David. Here it is as the sacred place at the Earth’s solar chakra at the Rainbow Shower in Maui. Around the two triangles is the circle which provides the balance between them. And around the circles are the 12 petals of the Zodiac system, completing the ancient Sanskrit symbol of Anahata – the heart chakra.




No European country among the top 10 of foreign students at American colleges

We not only have tacitly sanctioned illegal immigration in this country, we have a legal infiltration of our society by foreigners who do not share our culture. This kind of “negative selection” of foreign students is no accident. The “liberalization” of our society is not just limited to the liberal lamestream media. It is also a drumbeat of our colleges which are clearly aiming to change the demographics of our higher education away from our traditional values.

And here’s proof of it…


The number of international students attending American universities has been rising steadily. Just under 975,000 international students were enrolled in U.S. universities last year and that number has now increased to 1,043,839.

China supplies the most international students to U.S. universities (328,547), followed by India (165,918)and Saudi Arabia (61,287).

Wait a minute, take a good long look at this chart. Canada, our next door neighbor and a country with which we share not just a common border but a common culture, has about 27,000 students and American universities.

Saudi Arabia, a country that is implicated in the most egregious attack on America on 9/11, and is more than 7,200 miles away from the American Heartland, has 2.3 times as many of its nationals as Canada attending American universities.

Shocked? I was. No wonder Obama also tried to prevent the Saudis from being sued for their role in the 9/11 murders.

On the other hand, it is not surprising that China and India, the #1 and #2 on the list, had even more foreign students in the U.S. Because these are also the world’s most populous countries. And their students have shown themselves to be very hard working and successful in their academic fields. And quite willing to adapt and blend into the American cultural milieu.


But the real shocker in these university statistics is that there are NO EUROPEAN COUNTRIES among the top 10. And Europeans have been the traditional source of American immigration for centuries.

In 2014, 1.3 million foreign-born individuals moved to the United States, an 11 percent increase from 1.2 million in 2013. India was the leading country of origin for new immigrants, with 147,500 arriving in 2014, followed by China with 131,800, Mexico with 130,000, Canada with 41,200, and the Philippines with 40,500.

Again, no European countries among them. A “coincidence” or deliberate policy? The latter, of course.


European immigrants numbered only 4.8 million in 2014, out of a total immigrant population of 42.4 million. The share of Europeans among the total U.S. foreign-born population plunged from 75 percent in 1960 to 11 percent in 2014, as immigration from Latin America and Asia surged to new prominence after the Immigration Act of 1965 abolished national-origin quotas that gave preference to European migration.



In my August 1997 Washington Times column titled “Dancing ‘Round the Golden Calf,” I touched on that issue as well:

“The U.S. Immigration Act of 1965, signed into law by the Democratic President, Lyndon B. Johnson, launched “a demographic event of seismic proportions,” says Peter Brimelow, a Forbes magazine editor, in his best-selling book, “Alien Nation.” Mr. Brimelow calls this process the “browning of America.”


Immigration from Europe, the traditional source of American immigrants who shared the cultural heritage with the original American settlers, was immediately choked off by this act. By late 1980s, immigration from Europe was dipping below 10 percent of total inflow.

Meanwhile, immigration from Third-World countries soared. As a result, the U.S. government now officially projects that the American whites will be on the verge of becoming a minority (53 percent) by year 2050, if the current trends continue.” (see

The preceding statistics provide indisputable proof that the half-century old New World Order project of “Browning of America,” carried out by the Democratic administration of LBJ,  has been a resounding success.  The European share of U.S. immigration has plunged from 75% to 11% during the last 55 years. And is continuing to shrink, both overall and in terms of foreign students at the American universities.

The 1965 Immigration Act, while pretending to espouse equality, was actually INHERENTLY racists: “The act also for the first time established a cap for immigrants from independent countries of the Western Hemisphere, with an annual limit of 120,000 visas.” In order to tip the scales, it started to DISCRIMINATE, as you see, against the, until then, favored immigrants. And this law is still on the books today. As you can see from the statistics in this article.

So not only is the European culture under attack on the Old Continent, as I have written in the 1990s, its projection in the once predominantly Christian country – United States – has also been rapidly eroded by similar designs of the New World Order “elite.”

The more than million of mostly Muslim migrants that flooded Europe in 2015 were just the latest of the six claws trying to tear the Old Continent’s Christian culture apart (see A Bear in Sheep’s Clothing (1998), and Europe: All Pain, No Gain (2014, 2016)).

Our new president-elect Donald Trump has spoken out against it during the campaign (see Christianity Under Siege). Now it remains to be seen if he will translate his words into action and start to return America back to its roots.


PS: Many countries around the world have HIGHLY RESTRICTIVE immigration laws. For a good reason – they want to protect their culture and the way of life.

Anyone who tried to immigrate into Israel if he/she were are not Jewish can attest to that? Or into Japan? Not to mention China…or Russia? We, Americans, have been brainwashed by the New World Order “elite” over the last half century into believing that it is somehow shameful or bad to be proud of our mostly European heritage. Instead, we are supposed to worship the Golden Calf…

To which I say, “Nuts!” – quoting the unforgettable General Anthony Clement “Nuts” McAuliffe during the siege of Bastogne in December 1944.


Birds of a feather flock together…


“I don’t want to hurt the Clintons, I really don’t,” Trump says after his visit to New York Times today

“They will get over it,” Trump brushes off his disappointed supporters

Maybe not: “BROKEN PROMISE” blared the headline of Breitbart News, Trump’s most loyal supporter

Here we go again.  Looks like “they” are coopting Donald as they did with Ronald 35 years ago. Trump is not even president as yet, and “they” are already managing to soften him up.

“They?” The New World Order so-called “elite.” Of which Trump is a member.

This morning, it was my turn to feel like I have a pit in my stomach.  Not just because I voted for Trump – for the first time ever breaking my vow not to vote for either a Democrat or a Republican presidential candidate.  The alternative (Hillary) was so much worse. So I might have done the same thing again anyway even with 20/20 hindsight.

Anybody but Democrat Republican pig trough

Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa (My mistake, my big mistake – Lat.)

The real reason I have a pit in my stomach is that I allowed Trump to dupe me. So my journalistic, literary and geopolitical analyst’s pride hurts more than just one voter feeling betrayed.

What makes it even worse is that I feel I let myself down. And you – my readers and followers. By leading you astray in trusting Trump. Because I saw it all coming. I just did not stay true to myself and my instincts.

Back on February 24, in my first editorial comment about the Election 2016,  I called Trump a “Trojan Horse” of the American plutocrats.

“Trump is a card-carrying member of the billionaires club – the 563 plutocrats, out of 319 million of us, who have been getting richer while most of the American people are getting poorer.
“Those who deformed us cannot reform us,” read a crude white painted slogan on a Prague wall during the 1989 Velvet Revolution.
So the only person who can truly change the corrupt political system in America is an outsider, neither a Democrat or a Republican.” (from Trojan Horse”).
Okay, so back to today’s news first…


In a closed door meeting with editors of the New York Times today – yes the very same  media rag that demonized Trump throughout the campaign (!) was honored by the presedent-elect – Donald Trump said, explaining why he backed away from his promise to prosecute Hillary:

“I don’t want to hurt the Clintons, I really don’t.” (Donald Trump, Nov 22, 2016)


No wonder “birds of a feather flock together.”  Donald and Hillary and Bill and Melania have been chums for a long time (see Never Forget When Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Were Actually Friends, Sep 26, 2016 –

Alas, this is not just about Trump protecting the Clintons. It’s just as important that he is breaking his other election promises.

“Reneging on his repeated calls to assign a special prosecutor to go after Clinton is just the latest in a series of campaign promises Trump has abandoned in the two weeks since he was elected president, including a ban on Muslim immigration (Trump is now hedging), building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border (a mere “campaign device”, according to Newt Gingrich), and dismantling Obamacare (he’d like to keep the most popular parts.)

But Trump’s most adamant supporters aren’t taking this particular betrayal well. “BROKEN PROMISE” blared the headline atop Breitbart News, the media organization previously run by top Trump adviser Stephen Bannon.

Asked about disappointing his supporters, Trump told the New York Times they would get over it. “I don’t think they will be disappointed,” he said.

So all this supposed enmity between Donald and Hillary has been just a war of words, a tempest in a tea. A show.  So much emotion, so much energy, so much money, so many millions of prayers by Trump supporters… and it may be all for naught. A mountain shook, a mouse was born.

Because the American plutocrats, like the Clintons and Trumps, are thicker than thieves. Trump has not ever been sworn as president, and yet this is become quite clear.

“…All candidates will say whatever it takes to get themselves elected. But once in office, how much can they be trusted to keep their promises?
All of those who voted Obama now know the pain of disappointment over broken promises. As do those who voted for the two Bush’s and Clinton before them. I have voted for none of them. So my conscience is clear.” (from Trojan Horse”).

Well, no longer. My conscience is no longer clear. I have become a part of the problem by voting for Trump.

Trump’s campaign manager, now presidential advisor, Kellyanne Conway, said today in an interview with MSNBC, that Trump backed away from prosecuting Hillary to give her time to heal.

Give her time to heal?

You’d think criminals get plenty of time to heal once behind bars. But evidently that does not apply to those among the New World Order “elite” who think they are above the law. Like Hillary. Now seconded by Trump.

I hang my head low in shame.

PS: Watch the Trump apologists now storm out of their hiding places. “How dare you?” some of them will say. “A troll!” others will shout. To which I say, quoting Arthur Schopenhauer:

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

So stand by for Trump stages two and three.

 * * *

UPDATE NOV 23, 2016


I am sure you will find this story pretty incredible, as I have, so let me play it back in chronological order.

This morning, following up on the news that Trump was going soft on the Clintons (or maybe he always has been), I was inspired to create this post as my today’s Facebook “Levity Interlude”:

Levity Interlude



Answer: You get a snap from Ted Carol Bob Alice (1969 film) taken at Trump’s 2005 wedding. With a little wife swap for a change. 🙂

[feel free to add your own caption]


But BEFORE I had a chance to post the above, I got todays’ “On This Day”- hit from Facebook . It was about a post I made on three years ago. Look at the photo I had included with that post in 2013:




Along with this picture from the 1969 film Ted Carol Bob and Alice:


I was flabbergasted. Because up until then, I was completely unaware of this date “coincidence,” “synchronicity,” “divine sign”… take your pick.

My pick? Divine guidance. Which worked because I followed my intuition.

 * * *

UPDATE NOV 25, 2016

Post-Thanksgiving Editorial
(I did not want you to choke on your turkey so I held it back a day. But this actually came to me yesterday on Camelback Mtn)


Feeling bad you voted for Trump?  Don’t.  Hillary would have been MUCH worse.

Think of it this way… We could have had another New World Order whore in the White House. Instead, we’ve got a New World Order pimp.

Guess that’s progress in a bizarre way. America is moving up in the plutocratic hierarchy. The plutocrats are actually starting to run the show instead of using their proxies.

And no, I am not implying that Hillary is Donald’s bitch. She works for other New World Order pimps, like the ones shown below, with towels around their heads.


That’s why Trump was not favored by the New World Order “elite.” Because he was one of them.  Another pimp.

In other words, competition. They could not control him. They feared that if he got to the White House, he may start to drain THEIR swamp and divert the water into HIS business empire. Which is now about to happen.

And where does that leave the Trump voters?

Same place as always – holding the bag. After all, we live in a plutocracy. And it’s the plutocrats who hold all the aces.

NWO “Elite” Will Adjust and Adapt

Meanwhile, just like with Reagan 35 years ago, the NWO “elite” will adjust and adapt. They will try to surround the president-elect with their own stooges.

Who knows… considering how empathetic Trump has suddenly become toward the Clintons, maybe he’ll even find a corner for Hillary to work on. Maybe in some Saudi brothel?  🙂 That might be actually better than American prison.

The question is what, if anything, will the awakened masses of Trump supporters do when they realize they have been betrayed?

My guess? Nothing at all.

For now, most of them are still being ostriches and living the illusion that all will be well once Trump is confirmed as president. It may take a year or even longer for the masses to realize they have been duped and played for patsies. Just as the other NWO whores played them (Obama, the Bush’s, Slick Willie).


By then, the mass emotions and energy will have evaporated. And apathy will set back in.  Look for 2018 midterm elections to produce the lowest turnout ever.

Apathy 2014 US turnout,jpg

No wonder Trump said dismissively on Nov 22, “they will get over it,”  when commenting about his broken promise to prosecute Hillary.


“They?” Who might that be?

Guess that would be you and me. The sheeple. Or at least that’s how the plutocrats like Trump and his brethren perceive us, the American public. We are now about to be fleeced by a new pimp instead of an old whore.

Yeah,  we are moving up in the world.

US sheeple

 * * *

UPDATE Nov 30, 2016


President-elect dines with archenemy, then nominates former Goldman Sachs banker who used to work for George Soros and is a Hollywood insider to be his Treasury Secretary

If you voted for Donald Trump believing he would bring about real change, as this writer naively did, think again. During the last 24 hours, the president-elect delivered two punches to the gut of his Americans supporters.

His actions left no doubt that his populist rhetoric was just that – rhetoric, and that once in office, he will surround himself with the very same New World Order elitists his supporters voted against.



Trump dined last night in New York City with a man who called Trump a “fraud” and a “phony,” who said Trump’s words and actions were “degrading” to women, and who predicted Trump’s policies would trigger a recession, make America less safe and foster an era of “trickle-down racism.”

“I wanted my grandkids to see that I simply couldn’t ignore what Mr. Trump was saying and doing, which revealed a character and temperament unfit for the leader of the free world,” this man continued: “I know that some people are offended… but that’s how I can sleep at night.” (May 27, 2016)

Not that Trump was lost for words during the campaign when referring with derision to his last night’s dinner companion. President-elect labeled him a “stiff” and a “catastrophe” who had “choked like a dog” when he ran for president in 2012.

Yet that very man – Mitt Romney – is now the top contender for arguably the most important position in Trump’s cabinet – Secretary of State. Thus the reason for last night’s intimate private dinner.

Afterwards, Romney emerged from the dinner all smiles and sang effusive praises for his potential boss. He lavished Trump with compliments, praising “impressive” transition effort and “message of inclusion.”

And that’s the kind of brown-nosing that’s now helping him sleep at night? Don’t the turncoats like that make you sick to your stomach?

And no, I am not talking just about Romney. Because this morning, Trump delivered the second blow to the gut of his supporters.


If I say, Goldman Sachs – George Soros – Hollywood in the context of the presidential campaign, which candidate comes to your mind?

Hillary Clinton, of course.  All three were perceived as bulwarks of her base of support. All three were, therefore, despised by Trump supporters and shredded on the social media pages by Hillary’s detractors.

Yet now Trump has picked the man whose business DNA embodies all three – Goldman Sachs, George Soros and Hollywood. And, by the way, who is, unsurprisingly given the foregoing, also Jewish.

“Prior to being in charge of Trump’s campaign finances, Mnuchin served as an advisor,” according to “Meet the Jews in Donald Trump’s inner circle” article in the Nov 15 Times of Israel.

The New York Times describes the Mnuchins as one of Manhattan’s elite “most influential families.” Mnuchin and his father both got rich working at Goldman Sachs,” the Times said.

And the new Treasury Secretary nominee also made a name for himself as a second-generation Goldman Sachs partner who worked for George Soros before starting a hedge fund and buying IndyMac, a failing California bank that made billions while foreclosing on homeowners after the financial crisis.


During the campaign, Donald Trump said the system was rigged. He said hedge fund managers are “getting away with murder.” He said that he’d “tax Wall Street.” He called Washington D.C. corrupt and promised to “drain the swamp.” He said his opponent Hillary Clinton was too cozy with the banks, as epitomized by her closed-door paid speeches. He said Clinton’s vice presidential nominee, Tim Kaine, was “owned by the banks” and that he, Trump, would break them up. Trump closed his campaign with an ad bashing Goldman Sachs and George Soros, using classically anti-Semitic phrases.

And now, the president-elect has chosen a second-generation Goldman Sachs partner who worked for George Soros before starting a hedge fund and buying IndyMac, a failing California bank that made billions while foreclosing on homeowners after the financial crisis.

Steven Mnuchin’s takeover of IndyMac is a story about everything Americans have come to hate about how the financial crisis was allowed to unfold ― ordinary people panicking, savvy investors pouncing, a government guarantee that saved a bank but didn’t even try to keep people in their homes, a clever rebranding, rampant foreclosures, billions of dollars in profits.

And now, the cruel punchline: The man behind it is being nominated for treasury secretary by a self-proclaimed billionaire populist.

Fake populist, this writer might add.

Back in February, I penned the editorial, which asked, IS TRUMP ACTUALLY A “TROJAN HORSE?” And then on Oct 23, two weeks before the election, I also warned that we must, “STAY VIGILANT: LET’S NOT HAVE A REAGAN FIFTH COLUMN ENCORE,” as had happened when Ronald Reagan was elected president, only to be drowned out by the New World Order stooges he appointed to his cabinet.

And now, regrettably, history repeats itself. It may take the Trump supporters some time to realize what hit them. It’s not the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s an oncoming train called BETRAYAL.


* * *

UPDATE DEC 2, 2016


Establishment Favorite James “Mad Dog” Mattis Sent to “Rein In” Trump

Donald Trump has selected the retired marine general James Mattis to be his nominee for secretary of defense. Mattis has deep wells of support on Capitol Hill and in the military, and his appointment comes with much establishment hope that he will be able to rein in Trump and bureaucratically neutralize Mike Flynn, the president-elect’s pick for national security adviser.



The retired general – nicknamed “Mad Dog” and known for his blunt remarks – would need a special waiver from Congress because he has not been out of uniform for the requisite seven years.

For more, see…

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UPDATE DEC 4, 2016


“Don’t vote – it only encourages them” accounted for 45% of the electorate

Lowest turnout in 20 years: A mountain shook, a mouse was born

After all the hoopla and frenzie the lamestream media whipped up over the 2016 election campaign had subsided and the dust had settled, turns out a mountain shook and a mouse was born. It was a tempest in a teapot. A rather large teapot, admittedly. 🙂

The same old, same old political apathy that won the day on November 8 as it did two years earlier (see DISGUST & APATHY: BIG WINNERS IN 2014 ELECTIONS – ).

Voter turnout this year dipped to nearly its lowest point in two decades.

While election officials are still tabulating ballots, the 126 million votes already counted means about 55% of voting age citizens cast ballots this year.

That measure of turnout is the lowest in a presidential election since 1996, when 53.5% of voting-age citizens turned out.

For more, see…

Voter turnout at 20-year low in 2016 @CNNPolitics

ALTZAR: I have to admit I am feeling rather sheepish after posting this story. Because for the first time ever, this year I voted for an establishment candidate.

Shame on me! I fell for the Trump bait and thus betrayed by own guidance and knowledge earned the hard way working as a war correspondent and geopolitical commentator for over a decade.

On the other hand, I am encouraged to see that 45% of us did not take the bait. Not Trump’s nor Hillary’s. They refused to partake in the political charade called the American “Demo Farce.” Ironically, that was the title of my Washington Times November 1996 column whose message I did not heed (

Guess I should sometimes listen to my own music, like Algernon Moncrieff, the main characters in Oscar Wilde’s play Importance of Being Earnest” (1895). 🙂

For more, see…



How do we bridge the chasm between so-called “liberals” and the rest of us?

Three days ago, I got a letter from an esteemed friend of mine.

How esteemed?

PhD’s and books galore. National and worldwide recognition. Plus longtime personal friendship and admiration by this writer. And many common points of interest between us, especially in the spiritual realm.

But there was also one big difference. As I sang praises to the NEW DAWN RISING OVER AMERICA the morning of November 9, my friend thought the world was collapsing around her. Here’s what she wrote about it on Nov 17:

Dear Friends,

I was so eager to be in the US Capitol on November 8. Perhaps my assumption was the same as yours: We’re going to elect our VERY first woman (and a highly qualified woman) to be the next President of the US. Excitement was leaking from my pores.

You know, all too well, what actually happened this past Tuesday. As the “Brits” would say, I was entirely gobsmacked!! After 3 short hours of sleep I awakened on Wednesday morning feeling “ill” in the pit of my stomach. How could it be possible that someone who has denigrated nearly anyone who isn’t in his category of moneyed, white, male, etc. etc. take charge of the largest democracy on Earth? This new Prez truly signals: DEMO-CRAZY!!!

I’m the type of person who can’t hang out for long in a state of confusion, depression, and “how in the world can I cope for the next 4 years?”

My thinking and analyzing ran wild for most of Wednesday. By evening the compelling belief, I hold dear was in my face. “Nothing happens without purpose.”

Purpose, I said to myself—-how so? Here’s a key issue that, at first, I didn’t recognize: The perspective that I hold dear—isn’t the perspective of the majority. I hazard to say that a sizable number of American voters can be swayed by rhetoric, grandstanding, and falsehoods, ignoring the need for equal opportunity.

Think about a time/times in your life when you “hit the wall” of necessary experience—in order to evolve. Did you enjoy “tripping and fall” with that truly tough, painful life experience? I surely haven’t enjoyed many of my most life-altering experiences. Yet, in the end I grew.

The result of our upcoming Presidential Administration has yet to be seen—-but, I’d hazard a bet that the biased, angry perspective we’ve already seen will continue. You may not need to experience any more denigrating moments—but many will have to see this “up close and personal”–maybe over and over to KNOW what we’ve gotten ourselves into.

Here’s what I suggest: Hold your center. Know that you agreed to be in body at this time. Know that you are a teacher of truth, transparency, and love your neighbor. Above all else, do your best to stay out of fear.

I’ll be writing more to you in the days, weeks, and months to come. Please don’t despair—our goal is to take action to speak our truth!!

As you can see, my friend is one of those “liberal” Hillary Clinton supporters. She and nearly 60 million other Americans, and not just Americans – millions of other people around the world, brainwashed the same way – had had their in the clouds the entire time during the election.

They believed their own BS. They believed the lamestream media lies and distortions. Like Washington Post, for example, which had anointed Hillary president three weeks before the voting had begun. They believe that they were truly “liberal,” meaning progressive, despite the fact they were trying to shove their agendas down everyone else’s throats.

No wonder their fictional world finally came crashing down like a ton of bricks on Nov 9 as reality finally set in: They have lost. America has rejected their ideas. And Donald Trump will be our next president.

No wonder millions, like my esteemed friend, “woke up feeling ill with a pit in her stomach.” To which I say:

birds-7Pearls of Wisdom
Antithesis: NEVER SAY NEVER 
So let’s try again…

So in that spirit, I wrote back to my friend two days ago and said the following:

I read your election lament this morning. I wanted to wait a full day before responding to it. To be sure I did not do it in haste and on a spur of the moment.

First, let me say – I love you both (her husband, too). And I am grateful for your help in the past on my ascension path. So even if my comments may come across as disagreeable, they are being sent in love and with a hope that they may help you open up your hearts to the truth. And if not, that’s okay, too. There will be other lifetimes when you’ll get a chance to do so.

You wrote, “I was so eager to be in the US Capitol on November 8. Perhaps my assumption was the same as yours: We’re going to elect our VERY first woman (and a highly qualified woman) to be the next President of the US. Excitement was leaking from my pores.”

Your assumption was NOT the same as mine. On the contrary. I was praying that our fellow-citizens would have enough smarts to vote against the most corrupt candidate in history of presidential elections.

So what I found absolutely stunning in your note was that you – a smart and I thought enlightened human being – were so emotionally invested in a proven criminal who belongs in jail not on campaign trail. And God willing, that’s where Hillary and her cohorts in crimes will end up, if Trump keeps his word and appoints a special prosecutor.

What happened on Nov 8 is that the American public has finally started to awaken from decades-long period of “dumbing down of America,” as I put it in my Washington Times column in Aug 1997. Trump is far from a perfect candidate. But he was the lesser of the two bad choices. At least he is not corrupt and beholden to foreign powers, such as the Saudis etc.

By the way, I am not writing this to start a debate or try to change your mind. I know that’s impossible, based on what I read in your comment. I am writing because if you take the time to read my editorial LET US REJOICE: NEW DAWN RISES OVER AMERICA AND THE WORLD, written on the same morning you had a “pit in your stomach”, you can see how two intelligent people, both enlightened souls, and each acting from a position of love and compassion for our fellow-citizens, can have vastly opposing views.

As I said in this piece, the universe is unfolding as it should. Trump could NOT have won without Divine help. I am sure that if Earl were to consult his three light beings, he would get an affirmative answer to that question.

So don’t worry, Linda. All is good. The only trouble could ensue would be if Trump were to try to mollify rather than dismantle the Republican Party establishment – most of whom were in Hillary’s corner, working for the same New World Order bosses.

For what it’s worth… probably not much, given your state of mind. But at least I’ve tried (to uplift you).

My friend never replied to this letter. Par for the course for so-called “liberals.”

Because these “liberals” have been the most INTOLERANT part of our society for decades. And now that their rule over the roost is over, they are wallowing in silence, as my friend is doing, or creaming like stuck pigs, as bought and paid for anti-Trump demonstrators are doing.


On November 9, the morning after the election, I also wrote:


This election demonstrates the success of New World Order’s Dumbing Down of America,” and the need to start re-educating our fellow citizens

Back in 1997, I published a column in the Washington Times titled  DANCING ‘ROUND THE GOLDEN CALF. My original title for that piece was “Dumbing Down of America.” The fact that two decade later, nearly 60 million of our fellow citizens voted for the most corrupt candidate in the history of U.S. presidential races, attests to the success of New World Order plutocrats’ dumbing down process. And that is a true American Tragedy.

Well, neutralize and eliminate the plutocrats. Drive the New World Order snakes from our shores or put them behind bars. That’s the first order of business as I said earlier.

Then we must start to repair the damage they have done to several generations of our fellow-citizens with their quasi “liberal” ideas, with their greed-driven  materialistic morality, with their our education system which denigrates America’s traditional culture and values, with their Hollywood and pro sports-driven agendas.

It has taken several decades to dumb down our nation. It will take us as long or longer to steer America back on its righteous path of liberty and justice for all.  But as Confucius said, “a thousand mile journey begins with the first step.” We took that step today.

Let us continue and persevere in making America great again.  With God’s help, we will bridge that chasm that divides America and bring our wayward “liberals” back into the fold of just normal, everyday Americans who don’t want any gay, lesbian, Muslim, Jewish or any other divisive agendas shoved down their throats. Who just want to live and get along. Like Rodney King. or like the true LIBERALS.