From My Dreamtime Diary: A Stunning US Election Prediction in Three Dreams over Four Days of This Month (Oct 16-19)

Like Saint Patrick in Ireland, Donald Trump and the American people will drive away from America the New World Order snakes on Nov 8, 2016


Trump: American Saint Patrick 

The snake was the symbol of the Celts and their spiritual elite, the Druids – who inhabited the island of Ireland long before the arrival of Christianity in the 5th century AD.  When Patrick arrived, the only “pesky and dangerous creatures” that St Patrick wished to cast away were the native Celts.   

Since snakes often represent evil in literature, “when Patrick drives the snakes out of Ireland, it is symbolically saying he drove the old, evil, pagan ways out of Ireland [and] brought in a new age.” (Ancient Origins –

ALTZAR: In one of my past lives (in 5th century AD), I knew Saint Patrick.  I was then known as Lough (Luc) Tuluum, an Irishman who helped St. Patrick escape from imprisonment as a slave. Thus my connection to Saint Patrick both in dreamtime and real life. Also see, MY IRISH ROOTS…


There will be no civil nor nuclear war in America. In fact, the Nov 8 election will signal the start of America’s journey back to its roots. And for the rest of the world, it will the dawning of a new era of peace and liberation from the reptilian New World Order.

How do I know that? 

Because my Spirit guides told me. I am a thrice-ordained Inca Shaman.  And shamans are conduits shaman-webbetween the spiritual and earthly realms.

As a result, guidance from my Spirit guides and teachers comes to me 24/7. And it takes all shapes and forms –  in dreamtime as in daytime. My guides communicate with me through signs –  music, clouds, rainbows, rocks, animals, birds, serendipity of events, people I encounter in my  life, numerology and astro events, and also through triggers in daily news stories which in turn inspire my editorial columns.

My guides have never failed me yet. Nor I them, if I followed their advice.  So this is the guidance I received from them in dreamtime over three nights – on Oct 16, 18 and 19, 2016. As you will see, it reads like a cryptic novel.

 * * *



I had a dream on Oct 16 in which there was a sheep swimming in the pool that had a snake in its jaws. The sheep held it just behind the head. So the snake was powerless to harm the sheep.

And me, as I am also in the pool observing the scene. And feeling a bit apprehensive as I know the snake is poisonous.

Suddenly the sheep releases the snake. The snake swims away in terror with lightning speed toward the far end of the pool, slithers out and disappears out of sight.

I remember thinking in my dream, “wow, what an amazing speed. I had no idea snakes can be such fast swimmers.”




Oct 26, 2016

I received this interpretation of the dream from my Spirit guides while meditating in the spa this morning…

Like Saint Patrick in Ireland, Trump and the American people (sheep) will drive away the snakes of the New World Order into their burrows on Nov 8, 2016

  • The SNAKE represents the banking and corporate powers that be of the New World Order, and their servants – Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, the Bush family and all other vassals who think of themselves as the “elite” of the ruling class. The SNAKE symbolizes duplicity, treachery, ruthlessness, emotional coldness and lack of empathy of the slimy reptilians.


In my dream, the SHEEP overpowers the SNAKE. And yet it does not kill it.  Because SHEEP symbolizes gentleness, kindness and a sense of community. So the SHEEP releases the SNAKE from its deathly grip. Frightened to death, the SNAKE frantically swims as fast as it can to get away from the sheep and and pool (and ME, the observer, who is also in the pool).


Which is good news. For, it means that on Nov 8, the American people will start to liberate themselves from the snakes of the New World Order and drive them away from our shores. Which will inspire the rest of the world to follow suit. Let us hope, bloodlessly all around.


 * * *




In this dream, I am in London, England in medieval time. It is early morning. I am walking through a ruin of an old castle toward the ocean shore. I can feel the spray from the waves reaching my face through the openings in the castle walls.

“The tide must be coming,” I thought in my dream state. “That’s probably why the waves are so big and crashing close to the castle walls.”

When I look through the opening, I see that the beach and the land are very flat. Like the Thames river banks.

“Wonder if this is the high tide pushing up the Thames?” I was thinking.


In the next scene, I am back in town at what looks like a street market. Still in medieval London. The streets are paved with round cobblestones.

I am engaged in a happy banter with several women behind their fruit and veggie stalls. There is also a man, a customer like me, who joins the conversation. Based on his accent, I figure out that he must be from Manchester.

After telling my market friend about my through the castle to the beach this morning and seeing a high tide, I say to the man:

“You guys in Manchester probably don’t even know what a high tide is,” :-)Manchester is deep inland]

Everybody laughs. Everybody is happy.


Oct 18, 2016

At first, I thought, “guess another trip to London is in the cards. But why medieval London?,” I wondered.

Of course, I have had a number of past lifetimes in London. For example, as King Phillip II of Spain while married to Queen Mary I, Henry VIII’s Catholic daughter.  And I lived there as King James I and VI, when I inherited the crown of England and Ireland after Elizabeth I died without an heir. And in the 19th century, I was back there again as Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s Consort.

But the market scene and the happy banter with London commoners did not fit those royal lifetimes.


So today, a new  came to me during my morning meditation in the spa. This dream was a continuation of the first Sheep and Snake dream.  The rising tide symbolizes the awakening of the American people who no longer want to be stuck like boats in the mud.

As for the happy street market scene, in order to recreate again America the Beautiful, we must go far back into the past – well before the industrial era ushered in the focus on money and greed which destroyed so many lives in England, in America and around the world. 

Everybody was very happy and enjoying life at that London street market. It did not matter how much commerce we actually conducted. It was actually ZERO while I was there.


 * * *

October 24, 2016


Mine is that Obama and his New World Order bosses, the “death merchants” of America, may start another war in order to get Hillary elected.

A far-fetched concern? 

Before you dismiss it out of hand, let me give you a real life example of the same scenario from Bill and Hillary Clinton’s era at the White House.

 * * *


On Dec 19, 1998 the House of Representatives voted to impeach Bill Clinton. It looked as if the law had finally caught up with Clintons’ lies and crimes. 

In January 1999. while Clinton’s presidency teeter-tottered on the finest of edges, I wrote the piece titled “Washington’s Crisis Factory” (see below). The best way to distract the masses from the Clinton transgressions was to launch another war, I opined: 

“Bosnia II” is in the making in the Serbian province of Kosovo. The U.S. government officials are stoking the fires of yet another civil war while publicly opposing it,” I wrote.” (an excerpt from WASHINGTON CRISiS FACTORY).

With his approval ratings at rock bottom, Clinton needed that Kosovo war to try to regain his political footing and live out his Senate-gifted lease on life in the White House. So he decided to rape a small country, just as he had previously abused women who refused his sexual advances. 

Two months my Washington Crisis Factory article, that’s what we got. Another war. Acting without congressional approval, Clinton launched the Kosovo War and NATO’s bombing of Serbia on March 24, 1999 (see New Day of Infamy –

GANG RAPE OF A SMALL NATION (excerpt from my 1999 speeches)

“NATO’s bombing of Serbia was nothing short of a gang rape of a small country.

A military alliance of 19 nations and 780 million people; with over half of the world’s gross economic product (GDP), commanding two-thirds of the global military firepower, ganged up on a tiny nation of 10 million. For 79 days, NATO terrorized the people of Serbia, dropping 23,000 bombs and missiles on them in 36,000 sorties.”

Bottom line?

The Kosovo War distracted America from Clinton’s troubles at home. And on Feb 12, 1999, the Senate saved Clinton from full impeachment.  On the charge of perjury, 45 Democrats and 10 Republicans in the Senate voted “not guilty” and on the charge of obstruction of justice the Senate was split 50-50.

Thus this disgraced president served out the remainder of his term. And now, he and his unindicted criminal wife – Hillary – want to return to the White House once again.

The only way that could happen in a fair election is if Obama and his New World Order bosses, the “death merchants” of America, graced both Clintons with another war. Perhaps against Russia, as so many are speculating these days?

Just as before the Kosovo War in 1999 when they demonized Serbia, both the liberal and the conservative media are now united in their castigation of Russia. 

Check out this OpEd piece in today’s “conservative” Wall Street Journal in which the Journal gives the “liberal” Sam Nunn its platform from where to shout that, “only Hillary is prepared” to handle the nuclear war ( via @WSJ):

Sam Nunn: Only Hillary Clinton is prepared for the nuclear threat via @WSJ

That would be utter lunacy, of course. But then, we are dealing here with political lunatics and desperados, as Donald Trump has them all on the run.

That’s why this is my greatest fear about the Nov 8 election.


By Bob Djurdjevic (January 1999)

“Bosnia II” is in the making in the Serbian province of Kosovo. The U.S. government officials are stoking the fires of yet another civil war while publicly opposing it. Just as they kept adding fuel to the ethnic fire in Bosnia while claiming to douse it.

Why are they doing it? Because “perpetual war for perpetual commerce” is the true motto of the New World Order. When peace broke out at the end of Cold War, it sounded a death knell for the death merchants’ businesses. So Washington’s crisis factory went to work, manufacturing conflicts in strategic places around the world. Is there any wonder that the latest series of the Balkan civil wars, for example, started in June 1991, a year and a half after CIA predicted that a civil war would break out in the former Yugoslavia?

And so the beat went on… Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, and now Kosovo.



And so, for at least the seventh time in the last 12 months, a “Wag the Dog”-type diversion tactics unfolded in mid-January. Just as the outrageous Anglo-American bombing of Iraq in mid-December was intended to distract the public’s attention from the impeachment proceedings in the U.S. House of Representatives, so was the alleged “Serb massacre” at Racak designed to outrage the world, a prelude to a military occupation of Kosovo by NATO, claiming another colony for the NWO imperialists.

 * * *


Our country’s traditional character is being systematically destroyed by nihilistic “liberals,” the New World Order’s centurions whose only God is the Almighty Dollar.

The Washington Times

Sunday, August 31, 1997

Toward a Nation of Mutts

By Bob Djurdjevic

(DUMBING DOWN OF AMERICA – my original title)

America is rapidly becoming a nation of mutts. Our country’s traditional character is being systematically destroyed by nihilistic “liberals,” the New World Order’s centurions whose only God is the Almighty Dollar.

The same kinds of people invented the “dictatorship of the proletariat,” and applied it to the unsuspecting Russians. Now, they are trying to ram a “dictatorship of the minorities” down the naive Americans’ throats.

In its present form, America’s social demise is a more benign mutation of the “Bolshevik” revolution, perhaps the kind of a gradual change which the “Menshevik” communists would have preferred.

Either way, the desecration of America the Beautiful is not a spontaneous event. Nor is a deliberate dumbing down of our nation. It is a multi-pronged process carried out by the Wall Street elite and their vassals in government, education, media and the entertainment industry.

Why would the bankers and industrialists want America to be a nation of “ignorant blunderers or dunderheads,” according to Oxford Dictionary’s definition of “mutts?” Or a country of “mongrels, fools or muttonheads,” according to Webster’s?

Because such a stupefied population is easier to subjugate by the elite’s financial shackles than would be the free-spirited, free-thinking, patriotic, enterprising Americans who had made this country the envy of the world.

“It doesn’t take very long to dumb down a nation,” agreed a former publishing CEO, a long-time advocate of better quality education in America. “After only two or three generations, you can easily produce a nation of morons.”

Sadly, knowledge and artistry are yielding to materialistic values in today’s America. “Money makes the world go around,” we are told by those who have it.

Really? More likely, money is what will run the free world aground. If the Almighty Dollar does become everyone’s “God” (Heaven forbid!), those with most of it will become autocratic emperors of the world. And that will spell the end of freedom and democracy for the rest of mankind.

In preparation for such an ultimate enslaving of the free human spirit, a new, ugly, primitive, obedient America is being crafted by the NWO architects. As a first step, however, they must knock down the country’s Christian foundations.

* * * *

us-immigr.jpg (23592 bytes)The U.S. Immigration Act of 1965, signed into law by the Democratic President, Lyndon B. Johnson, launched “a demographic event of seismic proportions,” says Peter Brimelow, a Forbes magazine editor, in his best-selling book, “Alien Nation.” Mr. Brimelow calls this process the “browning of America.”

Immigration from Europe, the traditional source of American immigrants who shared the cultural heritage with the original American settlers, was immediately choked off by this act. By late 1980s, immigration from Europe was dipping below 10 percent of total inflow.

Meanwhile, immigration from Third-World countries soared. As a result, the U.S. government now officially projects that the American whites will be on the verge of becoming a minority (53 percent) by year 2050, if the current trends continue.

And even that figure (53 percent) understates the rapidly declining share of Americans of European descent, who for nearly two centuries had accounted for more than three-quarters of the American population. The U.S. Census Bureau, which made the above year 2050 projection, counts all immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa as “whites,” according to Mr. Brimelow.

More than just creating an ethnic cauldron of arguably incompatible cultures which may boil over into violence one day, the U.S. 1965 Immigration Act has seriously eroded the quality of the American labor force.

Why? Because in a free U.S. labor market, unskilled or less qualified immigrants can and do help lower the overall labor wages by merely competing with the indigenous Americans for jobs.

The winners, of course, are the “Wall Streeters,” the top one percent of Americans who own 42 percent of America’s national wealth, according to Rep. David Obey, Wisconsin Democrat. The losers are the “Main Streeters,” the bottom 60 percent of Americans, who experienced an overall decline in their net worth during the 1980s.

How things like that can happen if this country is really a democracy is something Americans and political scientists (an oxymoron!) should ponder.

* * * *

Once upon a time, America was a democracy. And white Americans exercised their majority power over other minorities, sometimes ruthlessly. Now the tables have turned. The corruption of the American political system by Wall Street’s and foreign money, and the “liberals” willingness to sell out true liberalism for a dictatorship of thought, are making the majority of Americans subjects of reverse discrimination.

Take the term “politically correct” (PC), for example. It is fervently used by politicians and the establishment-owned media, and rigorously imposed on our children – from K-12 to colleges. Yet, being “PC” really is a “dictatorship of minorities.” The majority of Americans are not supposed to acknowledge this fact out loud, however – for fear of offending the minorities.

(The term “liberal” is in apostrophes above because it is another NWO oxymoron. How can anything as dogmatic as the “PC” terminology ever be truly liberal, given that “liberal” means “freedom of individuals to act or express themselves in a manner of their own choosing,” according to Webster’s?)

So American Indians have become Native-Americans, usurping that attribute from other native Americans, starting with George Washington. Blacks are no longer black; they are now African-Americans, thus claiming the entire continent, despite the presence of the white people, like the Coptic Christians, since time immemorial, on this allegedly “Black Continent.”

* * * *

But how is such a dictatorship of the few over the many possible in the “land of the free,” the “greatest democracy on Earth?”

Easy. They buy the politicians. They buy the educators. They buy the media. And then, they tell them what they want Americans to think. Or else. And suddenly, America is no longer free.

Once upon a time, this writer lived under such a system. It was called communism. As a young man, I faced the same choices as above. I chose the “else.” I came to America, the “land of the free.” Or so I thought. Now I am not so sure…

At least the “political commissars” under communism operated openly. Everybody knew what they were – the moral whores (if not who they were), and what their job was. So freedom-loving people in communist countries used to discount or ignore anything the establishment media wrote.

But here, in our supposedly “free” American society, we are much more vulnerable. We are taught to believe what we read or see on TV.

“You’ll believe what you read in (the) news magazines until the first time you see an article on a subject which you know,” a veteran West Coast editor, a former Associated Press journalist, wrote to this writer in August 1992.”Then you will never believe them again. Most ‘civilians’ (meaning ordinary readers) never have a sufficiently jarring experience to fall victim to this piece of (journalistic) folk wisdom.”

“Forewarned-forearmed,” as they say?

* * * *

The entertainment industry is another purveyor of the destructive forces which are tearing apart the traditional fabric of the American society. Just as the drugs are destroying the bodies of young Americans, Hollywood, the record companies and the professional sports owners and sponsors are poisoning the minds of America’s youth.

Take violence, for example. “Thou shall not murder,” command the Christian scriptures. Yet, more people are probably killed in movies on America’s screens every day than had died in any day in this century’s wars.

Is it any wonder, therefore, that America is one of the most dangerous places to live in the world?

Or, take the music. The romantic serenity of the “classical” (Christian) composers, like Bach, Chopin, Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Dvorak, Liszt and others has been usurped by the pagan beat of rap or the heavy metal rock bands which dominate our airwaves.

Finding a classical music radio station in America today is like counting hen’s teeth. Why? Why should we, the descendants of these great European musicians, be deprived of their fine art?

“Because there is no money in it,” we are usually told. “And why is there no money in it?” Because the powers that be in today’s America have chosen not to put the money into Christian music!

Instead, they have opted to invest their money into pagan music and violent movies. Or into gladiator-like sports, like football or basketball. Meet America’s role models, the superstar gladiators.

* * * *

“I filled in the bubble opposite the ‘C’ on the multiple choice question, although I had no idea what the question meant, let alone what the right answer was,” fessed up an honest student on his way to becoming another NWO human robot. “But I got an ‘A’ on the test. Guess I guessed right.”

An education system which can be reduced to games of chance has more in common with Las Vegas casinos and the New York stock market than it does with knowledge.

No wonder our “bubble” generations tend to applaud on the same cues at talk shows; idolize the same heroes; dress the same; drink the same; talk the same; cuss the same; and, of course, think the same.

The extent to which they vary from each other is merely in the choices they make between prepackaged answers served up by others – again as with the bubbles – rather than by coming up with their own, independent thoughts.

As a result, we have raised several successive generations of morons in this country – well-dressed and often overfed, but intellectually impoverished. So after decades of letting them guess which bubbles to fill in, rather than reply to who, what, why, where and when questions, our educators have joined the process of dumbing down of America.

* * * *

But the biggest wreckers of America’s national fibers are the multinational companies. Loyal only to money, they call for free trade incessantly, and wear the national colors of the countries in which they do business merely as camouflage. The ideal world for these chameleons is a world of mutts, a cheap and not too smart labor force, willing to put the bosses’ materialistic ideology ahead of their national interests, their cultures, and their national pride. The U.S. is no exception.

America used to be a country in which most people worshipped Jesus Christ, the son of God, who died on the Holy Cross. Now most Americans worship the Almighty Dollar, the son of Usury, the enslaver of Free Man, in shrines like Wall Street.

But for their pin-striped suits, they might as well be the high-rolling Las Vegas gamblers. For, the stock market has long ago ceased to be the “barometer of economic activities,” as we were taught in schools, and as some Wall Street people still claim.

In 1996, for example, U.S. companies have invested $170 billion into buybacks of their own shares, according to a Fortune magazine June 23 story. That’s more than 42 Albanian GDPs being squandered without creating a single job!

And that’s legal in America?

Today’s stock market is nothing more than a “Ponzi scheme,” according Dr. Michael Hudson, a respected economist, who heads up the Institute for the Study of Long-Term Economic Trends in New York. It is a means of siphoning off the money from wage-earners (retirement savings, social security funds, private investment accounts, mattresses), and transferring it into the pockets of financial institutions (banks and brokers).

In addition, due to an accounting system peculiar to the banks, unlike ordinary taxpayers, the banks can set aside virtually all their savings before paying taxes, Dr. Hudson explains (by recording interest and other income as savings in a special category designated as reserves).

In other words, the stockmarket is a closed high stakes card game with a stacked deck, with Main Street playing the role of a sucker, and Wall Street that of the “house.”

It is yet another instrument for increasing the concentration of capital in the NWO elites’ pockets. But it does take gullible and greedy “mutts” to make that “Ponzi scheme” work.

It will cease working, however, when the stock market crashes, or when the Baby Boomers start to cash their retirement checks en masse – whichever comes first. By then, many will find their retirement accounts depleted or empty, while the bankers (who will get out of the market early) ride off into the sunset with the workers’ savings.

A social time bomb? Perhaps. Except that revolutions aren’t usually carried out by pensioners or middle class investors. When the stock market crashes, the latter will get what they deserve for being greedy, and for naively thinking they can beat the “house.”

* * * *

If you’re a white Christian American, you may be fairly alarmed by now. “What do we do?” I hear you ask. “How do we fight this Antichrist who has seized America by her bootstraps, and is shaking the life out of her just as he did to the Christian Russia some seven decades ago?”

Well, we must first start by scoring small victories in our local communities:

* Demand that all multiple choice tests be abolished in American schools;

* Demand we stress the arts, writing, math and computers in our schools; de-emphasize sciences and technical subjects (how many great composers, poets, painters, writers, mathematicians… have the Bolsheviks produced?);

* Return the Christian religion classes to our schools (but allow the non-Christians to opt out);

* More importantly, we must teach our children Christian values by lessons and examples AT HOME. And be prepared to pull them out of the public schools, if our local community insists on producing another generation of NWO morons.

Then, we can move on to bigger issues…

* Petition the state and federal representatives that, unless they work with us on re-establishing traditional American values, we will withhold our taxes. Not one taxpayers at a time, so that state authorities or the IRS/FBI agents can pick out individuals for persecution, but as whole communities.

Suppose the residents of any Small Town USA decide to stage a “no more taxes” civic protest, akin to “no taxation without representation” rebellion of our Founding Fathers? If entire towns engaged in such a righteous civic disobedience, how many “towns” can the FBI could arrest?

Let me tell you – none! The Feds would hightail out of your local community just as they did when Sheriff Dave Mattis, of Big Horn County, Wyoming, for example, declared in early August that he now has a written policy that forbids federal officials from entering his county and exercising authority over county residents unless he is notified first of their intentions.

And that’s that! All it took was a one man stand. That could have been you… and you… and you… or I… making the stand. Or better still – all of us together.

Unless we stand up and fight for “America the Beautiful” which our forefathers have passed on to us, we will deserve to be buried in “America the Ugly,” a nation of mutts, a country of “ignorant blunderers or dunderheads” into which the NWO wants to make us.


Truth in Media
Phoenix, Arizona




UPDATE OCT 23, 2016


It took 2.5 years for a proof to emerge that Washington’s Russia sanctions are inherently anti-European – a conclusion I arrived at on the day the Russia sanctions were imposed (April 26, 2014 – see EUROPE: ALL PAIN, NO GAIN ).  So here it is, the proof, in a story published by Bloomberg News:

BLOOMBERG NEWS: Russia’s reliance on American commerce has never been greater

“Since leading the push for western penalties on Russia over Ukraine two years ago, the U.S. has leapfrogged Turkey, Japan, Poland and South Korea to become the country’s No. 5 trading partner outside the former Soviet Union.

While European Union members bear the brunt of the trade war — sanctions and counter-sanctions have cut the bloc’s bilateral trade with Russia by an estimated 100 billion euros ($112 billion) — U.S. companies led by Boeing Co., Cargill Inc. and Yum! Brands Inc. have been investing for the long-haul and gaining market share.” (an excerpt from – Putin’s Reliance on American Commerce Has Never Been Greater –

Now, here what this writer said on Apr 26, 2014 in a Truth in Media editorial “


santa-maria 1998 santa-maria 2014

New sanctions on Russia, announced today (Apr 26, 2014) by the G-7 countries, a part of the Obama “All Bluster, No Muster”-Ukraine policy, are inherently anti-European. They cannot hurt Russia without hurting Europe first and foremost.

European banks and businesses are far more exposed to the Russian economy than are their American counterparts. Fourteen-fold more, to be exact. Trade between the European Union and Russia amounted to almost $370 billion in 2012, while United States trade with Russia was a paltry $26 billion that year, according to today’s story in the New York Times.

As a result, the European business executives have lobbied energetically to head off or at least dilute any sanctions, making it hard for American and European political leaders to come up with a package of measures with enough bite to influence Moscow’s behavior in Ukraine.  Still, they managed to commit today a form of financial hara-kiri.2009px-Europe_hgh

EU Hara-Kiri

So “more bluster, no muster” from Perfidious Washington even on the economic front? Indeed. Because the result will be “all pain, no gain” for Europe.


Back in 1998, in another Truth in Media editorial, also published as a column in Chicago-based CHRONICLES magazine, this writer exposed the duplicity of Washington’s (anti)European foreign policies.

Here’s an excerpt from US/NATO: A Bear in Sheep’s Clothing (1998):

“The oft-used term “America’s European allies” is one of the greatest oxymorons of our time. “America’s European vassals” would be more appropriate. For, American government’s policy is virtually destroying our so-called “allies,” while aiding the multinational corporations. 

This is not unlike the Soviet bear’s treatment of its Eastern European “allies,” read minions. Only more perfidious. For, the West Side bear has stuck its six big claws into the back of Madame Europe, and is dragging her into its lair, while pretending to save her and her heir. (“Save her from what?” – has been a mystery ever since the end of the Cold War and the demise of the Soviet bear).”

All of these predictions have come true in the last 18 years since this article was published. And then, there Washington also exerted some more brutal pressures on its European vassals when they showed an inkling that they might actually act in their own best interests. Such as with these two examples in 2014 and 2015:


To force Europe to heel, the New World Order criminals and their Ukrainian proxies even committed mass murder of 200 innocent mostly European civilians (flight MH-17, July 2014 – see HOW & WHY BOEING MH-17 WAS SHOT DOWN –


And over  year ago, Washington also dropped a demographic bomb on Europe – over one million middle-eastern migrants driven from their homes by the U.S. war in Syria (see AMERICA IS AT WAR WITH THE WORLD: REFUGEE CRISIS IS A BYPRODUCT OF U.S. WARMONGERING – Some of these migrants turned out to be soldiers of Jihad, as subsequent terrorist actions in Europe have shown.


Bottom line?

Washington’s foreign policies have been for decades anti-European abroad and anti-Christian at home and abroad. 

Perhaps you should take that thought with you into the voting booth on Nov 7.


of the New World Order

By Bob Djurdjevic

“Close to Clinton… Believes in Nothing!”

The following is an excerpt from the Dec. 17 issue of the (London) GUARDIAN about the (late) leader of the (Serbian) Democratic Party, Zoran Djindjic:
“Stevan Niksic, a commentator on Nin magazine, thinks Mr Djindjic’s fling with the Bosnian Serbs represented opportunism rather than ideological nationalism.
“Djindjic is close to Clinton as a postmodern politician. He really believes in nothing,” he said.” 

Since in Eastern Europe the word “liberal” still has its original, positive meaning (open-minded, tolerant of others), this writer tried to explain to some Serbian demonstration leaders why the above epithet about the alleged nihilism would actually be considered a COMPLIMENT in the liberal New World Order speak. The more faceless, drab, materialistic, corruptible… a person is, the better he/she is suited for a LEADERSHIP position within the globalist-style world order.

By contrast, letis see how such a liberal nihilistic ideology might play with the Belgrade pro-democracy demonstrators. Here’s a mock “news report” about a fictitious speech by a fictitious Serbian opposition leader. Let’s call him – Levi Desnic (a ‘Lefty Rightwing’ in loose translation).

Levi Desnic steps toward the microphone to address a crowd of several tens of thousands of Belgrade protesters. He pauses, he thumps himself on the chest and proudly declares: ‘I BELIEVE IN NOTHING!’ He pauses again.

The crowd seems stunned. Some demonstrators can be seen pointing their index fingers to their heads, as people do when wondering if a person had gone mad.

‘And because I believe in nothing,’ Levi Desnic continues, ‘I am the most qualified politician to be the next President of Serbia.’

The crowd starts chuckling, evidently assuming Levi Desnic is building up to a joke.

‘Why must Serbia have a President who believes in nothing?,’ Levi Desnic asks rhetorically. ‘Because Serbia needs the support of the international community if it is to rejoin the community of nations. And everybody in the international community knows that only people who believe in nothing can lead it.’

Now the crowd is roaring with laughter.

‘Levi-Nothing,’ ‘Levi-Nothing,’ some are chanting spontaneously, as if it were a sporting event is shutout score.

Realizing the crowd took his remarks as a joke, Levi Desnic rushes to offer a proof of his theory: ‘So you think believing in nothing is a joke? Well then, let me offer you some proof to the contrary. Do you believe that Helmut Kohl, for example, believes in nothing?’

‘Daaa,’ the crowd replies, albeit after some hesitation. ‘Maybe Kohl believes in a bratwurst,’ one participant can be overheard as muttering. ‘But what the heck; the man’s gotta eat.’

‘Do you think that Bill Clinton believes in nothing?’ Levi Desnic continues to test the demonstrators, as if lecturing at a university auditorium.

‘Daaaaa,’ the Belgrade crowd roars back.

‘Do you think that Boris Yeltsin believes in nothing?’

‘Daaaaaaaaa,’ the crowd responds louder and longer.

‘Do you think that Madeleine Albright believes in nothing?’

‘Daaaaaaaaaaaaa,’ the crowd shouts back its longest and loudest approval.

‘And aren’t all these people respected leaders of the international community?’ Levi Desnic uses Logic 101 to set up the victory line.

‘Daaa,’ some in the crowd reply. Others are seen shaking their heads, as if realizing that maybe this was not a Levi Desnic comedy hour.

‘Therefore,’ Levi Desnic delivers his punch line, ‘when I tell you that I believe in nothing, that means that I am the only political leader in Serbia on a par with all these world leaders. Even Milosevic believes in something… He believes in socialism. He believes in corruption. He believes in his wife. He believes in his police. Who knows, maybe he even believes in his sonis winning an Indy 500 race…’

A loud laughter forces Levi Desnic to pause. After everybody settles down, he continues.

‘By contrast, I can assure you that I believe in nothing. Nothing, do you hear?’ he shouts for added effect. ‘I don’t believe in God; I don’t believe in life after death; I don’t believe in holy matrimony; I don’t believe in democracy; I don’t believe in autocracy; I don’t believe in military; I don’t believe in flower children, I don’t believe in Santa Claus… I tell, you – I believe in nothing!”

He pauses to allow the stirring crowd to settle down.

‘Which is why I am the most qualified politician to be the next President of Serbia! Don’t you agree?’

‘Levi-Nothing,’ ‘Levi-Nothing,’ some start to chant.

‘Kohlbright-Nothing,’ ‘Kohlbright-Nothing…’, other pick up the refrain.

‘Clinton-Nothing,’ ‘Clinton-Nothing…’

‘Yeltsin-Nothing,’ ‘Yeltsin-Nothing…’

‘Nothing-Nothing,’ ‘Nothing-Nothing…’ (the ultimate ‘liberal nirvana’ …)

As the Belgrade crowd disperses for the night, after voting for democracy with its feet for 29 straight days, the exuberant Serbian opposition party officials gather around their leader to congratulate him on his speech. ‘My, Levi, you really had them going…’ one of them says, patting Desnic on his back. ‘But surely, you must believe in something?’

‘I believe in the same thing Clinton believes in,’ Levi Desnic replies.

‘Oh, yeah? And what is that?’

‘The Almighty Dollar.’

‘The Almighty Dollar?’

‘Or a Deutsche Mark… Or a Yen… We are not that particular. We’ll take anything Wall Street gives us. It’s the money that makes the world go around, man! Crosses, crescents, flags, anthems… these are all archaic symbols for the backward masses. In our New World, we’ll do away with all of them.’

‘The masses or the symbols?’

Attribution: Djurdjevic is a Phoenix, Arizona-based writer and businessman. He writes about geopolitical and economic issues.

Bob Djurdjevic
Phoenix, Arizona



Zoran Đinđić, the sixth Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia, was assassinated on Wednesday, March 12, 2003, in Belgrade, Serbia. Đinđić was fatally shot by a sniper while exiting his vehicle outside of the back entrance of the Serbian government headquarters.

Đinđić had made many enemies domestically throughout his political career primarily of because of his regard as being pro-Western and his hard-line policies on organized crime. Đinđić extradited Slobodan Milošević to the ICTY in 2001.

The assassin, Zvezdan Jovanović, born in 1965, was a Lieutenant colonel in the JSO (Serbian Special Ops unit). Jovanović said during his trial that he killed Đinđić because he saw him as a traitor to Serbia and felt no remorse for doing it. Eleven other co-conspirators were also convicted and sentenced to prison by the Belgrade court (see





What I see is a takeover of America by anti-Christian forces in the last quarter century or so using the duplicitous presidents of the United States to do their dirty work. New World Order religion

Of course, these traitors of America are not self-professed Muslims. Instead, they hide their true feelings in a closet and publicly pretend to be Christians. And since Donald Trump has very publicly spoken out in defense of Christians in America, they are panicking. For the end of their reign may be nigh. And a possibility of American Christians regaining their power is sending the money-worshipping New World Order leaders into apoplexy. 

* * *



Almost 19 years ago, I wrote a column for the Washington Times titled “CHRISTIANITY UNDER SIEGE.” It was published on Jan 4, 1998.  Here’s an excerpt:

Evidently, hate is back in vogue in America. But this time, hate is displaying its ugly face as a dictatorship of minorities. Incredibly perhaps, in a country which has been inhabited by a Christian majority for centuries, anti-Christian venom is being spread across America. And not just across America. It is a global anti-Christian virus being disseminated deliberately by the New World Order elite.”



On January 18 of this year, speaking at the Liberty University in Virginia, Donald Trump used the exact same phrase:

“Christianity, it’s under siege,” Trump proclaimed early in his speech to a crowd of about 10,000. “We’re going to protect Christianity,” he said. “If you look at what’s going on throughout the world…Christianity is under siege.”

Okay, it’s pretty clear, therefore, that Trump and this writer see eye-to-eye on this issue. What about the other candidate (Hillary)?

Well, she takes the opposite view, of course. In a speech in New York in Apr 2015, she said that “Christians must deny their Faith through the enforcement of laws.” And that “change of Christian beliefs is the unfinished business of the 21st century.”



Hillary was openly pro-Muslim when she was the First Lady in the 1990s. Here’s an excerpt from “Ayatollah Klintonmeini“, an April 1996 Truth in Media editorial:

Hillary Clinton is the woman who proudly brought Islam into the White House (in 1996). And she is now running to return to the White House as our next president.

Naturally, this raises a lot of questions and generates anxieties across America, especially after 9/11, and after our sitting president, who was raised by a Muslim father in a Muslim country, fought the Congress tooth and nail to prohibit the families of the 9/11 victims from suing the Saudi government.


So where does Hillary really stand on Islam?

In a word – everywhere. Meaning, she has been talking out of both sides of her mouth on this issue as on everything else.

“She will say anything and change nothing. Hillary can’t be trusted and isn’t qualified to be President,” Obama said in 2008 when the two squared off in the Democratic Primary.


If elected, will she be America’s first openly pro-Islamic president?

In a Word – NO! Like All New World Order Leaders, Hillary Believes in Nothing; Except in the Almighty Dollar and the Power Money Can Buy

Why not?

Because in her heart, assuming she has one, Hillary is no more Muslim than she is Buddhist. Or Catholic.  Or Jewish. Or Scientologist…

People like Hillary or Obama or Bush’s are picked because they are trained believe in nothing (see my Washington Times Dec 1996 OpEd piece “The Nothing Philosophy“).

Well, nothing spiritual anyway. They believe only in money and power. Or more specifically, the power money can buy.  That’s what makes them such useful marionettes for the New World Order’s gray men to manipulate pulling their strings from behind the scene.

So if it’s money, and only money, that matters to people like Hillary, let’s follow the money trail…



Hillary’s love affair with Wall Street money and moguls is well known and documented, including by the Truth in Media (see HILLARY TRYING TO CATCH UP TO OBAMA IN WALL STREET SPONSORSHIP, July 25, 2015,  So let’s focus here on some of her foreign donors.

It so happens, that many of Clinton’s largest financial supporters are middle-eastern Muslims, thus the impression that she is an Islamophile.  But she and her foundation have also received money from Mexico, Turkey and even Russia.

Never mind that foreign political contributions are ILLEGAL.  In a corrupt society, nothing is illegal. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. The Clintons are certainly showing the nation how to flaunt the law.

Take a look at some of the people and foreign countries who are buying Hillary’s election.

QATAR Dictatorship Which Supports ISIS and Al Qaeda Gave $1 Million to Bill Clinton as “Birthday Gift” for 5-min Meeting

  • In April 2012, representatives from Qatar wanted to get “five minutes” with former President Bill Clinton while in New York to present him with a $1 million check for his foundation as a “birthday gift.” (The New York Times, Oct 15, 2016 –  Email About Qatari Offer Shows Thorny Ethical Issues Clinton Foundation Faced – And Qatar, a country which supports ISIS and Al Qaeda, also contributed between $1 and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation. 


Saudi regime and other Gulf tyrannies donate millions to the Clinton Foundation 

  • The Saudi regime by itself has donated between $10 million and $25 million to the Clinton Foundation, with donations coming as late as 2014, as she prepared her presidential run.
  • A group called “Friends of Saudi Arabia,” co-founded “by a Saudi Prince,” gave an additional amount between $1 million and $5 million.
  • The Clinton Foundation says that between $1 million and $5 million was also donated by “the State of Qatar.”
  • The United Arab Emirates, and the government of Brunei.
  • “The State of Kuwait” has donated between $5 million and $10 million.

Source: The Intercept (Glenn Greenwald, the Guardian journalist who broke the Snowden story) – Why did the Saudi regime and other Gulf tyrannies donate millions to the Clinton Foundation? (Aug 25, 2016) – 


Mexico’s richest man and largest New York Times shareholder gives millions to the Clintons

  • Talk about double corruption and collusion. Mexico’s richest man, Carlos Slim, who gave millions to the Clinton Foundation and in campaign contributions, is also the largest shareholder of one of the most prominent lamestream media whores – the New York Times. And then we wonder why the lamestream media are so overtly pro-Clinton and anti-Trump?



Add to it the collusion between Hillary and the State Department and the FBI (Justice Dept), and then you will understand why Newt Gingrich said on Fox News on Friday:

“Hillary Clinton is THE most corrupt candidate ever to run for president of the United States” (Newt Gingrich, Oct 14, 2016 on Fox News, @12:15 mins).

Check out this 22-second sound bite from that Fox News program:

Gingrich on Hillary: The Most Corrupt Candidate Ever to Run for President (sound bite) – a video clip by Truth in Media from a Fox News Oct 14, 2016 Hannity show – Oct 18, 2016
And here’s not a longer (55 second) excerpt from Gingrich’s remarks which puts the above comment in a context:
Gingrich on Hillary: The Most Corrupt Candidate Ever to Run for President (sound bite) – a video clip by Truth in Media from a Fox News Oct 14, 2016 Hannity show – Oct 18, 2016
 * * *

screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-8-45-00-pmDON’T TRUST THE LIBERAL MEDIA POLLS

According to the liberal media polls, Hillary is leading Trump across the country. Which is why Gingrich also warned not to trust the lamestream media whores’ polls.

“The year John Engler won the race against the incumbent (Michigan) governor, on Sunday morning before the (Tuesday) election, the Detroit liberal paper came out and said that Engler was going to lose by 14 points,” Gingrich said (Oct 14). “Two days later, he won by 1 point. It’s a 15-point spread.” [Gingrich, Fox News –, 17:00 min].

Of course, they were trying to depress the Republicans, trying get them to stay home, Gingrich explained. It did not work. Just as the major media polls in Britain about the now famous Brexit in June were wrong. And not just there…

Pollsters have been misfiring around the world for more than two years now. They incorrectly forecast the 2014 US midterm elections, plus elections in Turkey, Scotland, Canada, and Israel. Besides Brexit, they also got Greece wrong—not once, but twice.

Finally, the pollsters were wrong about Trump winning the primaries and the Republican nomination.

Bottom line? Ignore the liberal media polls. Go to the polls on Nov 7 and vote your conscience.

Hopefully, it won’t be for the most corrupt candidate in the United States history,  an anti-Christian indebted to Muslim dictatorships which finance America’s worst enemies, who now wants to be the boss of all of us.

“Voting for Hillary would be like voting for a national suicide,” I told a banking friend today over lunch.

“But there are a lot of ignorant people in our country after half a century of being dumbed-down by the forces of the New World Order,” I added. “So we’ll see.”




Election 2016: Playing the TRUMP CARD

Newt Gingrich and 2 female political experts give Donald Trump advice on what to do to overcome corrupt media and Hillary Clinton – Oct 18, 2016 – 2-min video clips by Bob Djurdjevic from Fox News Oct 14, 2016 broadcast



What are Hillary’s true feelings about Islam? If elected, will she be America’s first openly pro-Islamic president?

In a Word – NO! Like All New World Order Leaders, Hillary Believes in Nothing; Except the Almighty Dollar and the Power Money Can Buy


Hillary was openly pro-Muslim when she was the First Lady in the 1990s. Here’s an excerpt from that “Ayatollah Klintonmeini“, an Apr 1996 Truth in Media editorial:

“I have to admit that a good deal of what my husband and I have learned (about sotu-guest-9_c0-133-1984-1289_s561x327Islam) has come from my daughter,” said Hillary Clinton, addressing the members of the American Muslim Council (AMC) at the first-ever White House celebration of Eid al-Fitr (a Muslim religious holiday) on February 20, 1996.

“(As) some of you who are our friends know, she (Chelsea) took a course last year in Islamic history.”

So Chelsea has been educating her parents about Islam ever since, the First Lady explained. As she accepted the two AMC gifts of Qur’an, the Muslim holy book, Mrs. Clinton said:

Hillary MuslmI am honored to have these gifts (of Qur’an)… one for my husband, and one for me, as Chelsea already has her copy.” (Feb 1996)

Meanwhile, Steven Emerson, producer of the PBS documentary, “Jihad in America,” said in his Wall Street Journal OpEd column, published on March 13, 1996, that “AMC is a radical group that supports radical Islamic terrorist movements.” AMC’s own newsletter says its “primary goal is political advocacy.”

In other words, while Islamic terrorists blow up the World Trade Center (in 1993), for example, not to mention their hijacking, killing and maiming of Americans overseas, the Clinton family reveled in celebrating Islam at the White House.

The brewing scandal involving her top aide Huma Abedin’s alleged links to Muslim Brotherhood, who has also been accused of receiving overpayments while at State Department (see below), awakened some old memories in the Truth in Media editor’s mind.

So there you have it, a woman who brought Islam into the White House now wants to return to the White House as our next president.

img_0427Hillary & AbedinHow do you suppose that would sit with the families of the 9/11 victims, or of the thousands of American soldiers who perished and are still dying during the never-ending “War on Terror?”

How do you suppose they would react to having a woman as their chief commanding officer who has been a decades long sympathizer of Islamic radicals? And who still maintains a close personal relationship with one of them? (Huma Abedin).

Meanwhile, if the Clintons were to use their Qur’ans for more than just as library shelf stuffers, they may find themselves in danger of flogging, being stoned or “thrown from high places”, according to Islamic laws. And not just because of their sexual transgressions which made their White House look like a whorehouse.

Which is why it is hard to believe that any self-respecting Muslim would rejoice to see a woman of Hillary Clinton’s character return to the White House, this time as president. God forbid.

CONCLUSION: Like All New World Order Leaders, Hillary Believes in Nothing; Except the Almighty Dollar and the Power Money Can Buy

The answer to that question is a definite NO. No, if elected, Hillary would not be America’s first pro-Islamic president. Because all of her predecessors already were. It’s just that since 9/11, they’ve been forced into a closet.


Second, because all New World Order White House occupants have only one religion: The Almighty Dollar.

They “worship the Almighty Dollar, son of Usury, enslaver of Free Man, in shrines like Wall Street.” (from “Dancing ‘Round the Golden Calf,” Washington Times, Aug 1997).

Everything else is posturing. One day, they may appear pro-Muslim. The next, pro-Jewish. Or pro-Christian. Or pro-Voodoo. Because anything goes as long as they can gain and hold on to power to rule and lord over other men and women.

So it seems apt to close with this excerpt from my OpEd piece “The Nothing Philosophy,” Washington Times, Dec 1996. It is a dialogue between a reporter and an adherent of the New World Order “religion” who goes by the name Levi Desnic (a ‘Lefty Rightwing’ in loose translation from Serbian):

“But surely, you must believe in something?’

‘I believe in the same thing Clinton believes in,’ Levi Desnic replies.

‘Oh, yeah? And what is that?’

‘The Almighty Dollar.’

‘The Almighty Dollar?’

‘Or a Deutsch Mark… Or a Yen… We are not that particular. We’ll take anything Wall Street gives us. It’s the money that makes the world go around, man! Crosses, crescents, flags, anthems… these are all archaic symbols for the backward masses. In our New World, we’ll do away with all of them.’

‘The masses or the symbols?’

New World Order religion



WASHINGTON, Aug 1, 2015 – The finding that Huma Abedin, a longtime Clinton confidante who now serves as vice chairwoman of her presidential campaign, had improperly collected taxpayer money could prove damaging to Clinton’s candidacy, as Republicans charge that government rules were routinely bent to benefit Clinton and her aides.

Anthony Weiner, Abedin’s ex-husband, a former member of the House of Representatives, resigned in disgrace in June 2011 after he sent dirty texts to one and possibly more women including a 21-year-old female co-ed in Seattle who received a photo of his erect penis inside his boxer shorts.

WEINER & ABEDIN: Read more:


If only Abedin and her husband’s sex scandal were the worst of it. This Clinton aide is also accused of links to Muslim Brotherhood.

The Accuracy in Media reported in July 2013 that Abedin worked for many years at a journal that promotes Islamic-supremacist ideology that was founded by a top al-Qaeda financier, Abdullah Omar Naseef. Naseef ran the Rabita Trust, a formally designated foreign terrorist organization under American law. Ms. Abedin and Naseef overlapped at the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs (JMMA) for at least seven years.


Although born in the United States, Huma Abedin grew up in Saudi Arabia, intellectual and financial home of Wahhabism, one of the most extreme forms of Islam.

IMMA chart


An Excerpt from the Accuracy in Media editorial (July 25, 2013):

“When a handful of House conservatives tried to draw the attention of the State Department’s inspector general to some of these matters – wondering how on earth someone with Ms. Abdein’s background could have qualified for a top-secret security clearance – they were castigated by the Obama White House and the Beltway Republican establishment.

As reaffirmed in the last 24 hours, Ms. Abedin’s connections to prominent Islamic-supremacist figures and groups are deemed unsuitable for public discussion – Egyptians may be able to eject the Muslim Brotherhood, but in today’s Washington it is raising questions about the Muslim Brotherhood that gets you run out of town.

HumaAbedSalehaAbedinHillaryClintonNaturally, what did get Washington chattering was a scandal far more typical in Clinton circles — the lucrative arrangement Ms. Abedin struck with Mrs. Clinton’s State Department that allowed her, after returning from maternity leave, to draw a $135,000 State Department salary while remaining in New York, not actually working at Foggy Bottom, and moonlighting as a “strategic consultant” for an outfit called Teneo – founded by Bill Clinton’s chum Doug Band.

What a racket. The marriage to Huma Abedin, a Clinton insider, enables Anthony Weiner to resurrect a debased career and deflect attention from his psychotic antics even as he continues them. The marriage to Anthony Weiner, a prominent Jewish progressive, enables Huma Abedin to deflect attention from her associations with various Islamic supremacists even as, during her tenure as a top State Department official, American policy embraces Islamic supremacists.”


Stand by for more, including how Chelsea and Hillary Clinton introduced the Muslim holiday celebrations at the White House in 1996 – a Truth in Media report, Apr 1996 –


Also see…

A Facebook friend from Florida commented today on this Twitter post I made yesterday…

Trump Hillary


Also see…

Obama Muslim connection muslim-brotherhoodEverybody knows that Barack Hussein Obama’s father was a Muslim. Hussein is a Muslim name, which comes from the name of Ali’s son–Hussein Ibn Ali.

Which is perhaps why America’s sitting president is often accused of being a closet Muslim. The image on the right is just a random sampling of the many stories published on that topic.

Tim cartoonRiyadhBush-Unocal-EnronEverybody also knows that the Bush family have deep ties with Arab oil money and sheiks, including the Bin Laden family.

During my frequent visits to the State Department and the US embassy in Belgrade, Serbia, in the early 1990s, I saw firsthand that the place was stacked with pro-Islamic officials.

It was for that reason that in Jan 1993, yes over 22 years ago (!), 17 years before this writer got his first Photoshop software, that the Truth in Media editor designed and published this crude Bush White House cartoon (right).

The cartoon suggested hyperbolically that our capital had shifted to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It also depicted our current form of government as a PLUTOCRACY.

The article was published during the waning days of George H. Bush’s reign, just before Bill Clinton’s presidency began. The green “Chelsea Mosque” was added to the White House in April 1996 (for reason why, read on).

* * *

Also see…


* * *


Check out this story at ALTZAR.ORG:


Will Our Planet Survive?



America is the “land of milk and honey,” according to Hollywood and the rhetoric of our leaders. That’s why millions of people from around the world line up in front of U.S. embassies trying to get in as immigrants. Many others risk their lives and the lives of their families to enter the country illegally.


I am sorry to break it to you folks in Mexico and overseas, but it’s all a Hollywood hoax, a make-believe picture of the country that’s deep in debt and whose citizens are struggling to make ends meet month after month.

A new banking survey suggests that 80% of Americans have less than $5,000 in savings, and that nearly 7 in 10 have only $1,000 or less in their savings accounts.

The GoBanking (survey company) asked 7,000 people around the country how much money they had set aside in savings accounts for the future, and found that 34% of them have absolutely nothing set aside.  So over one-third of Americans live from hand to mouth every month.


The GoBanking said that people living beyond their means is one likely reason for the downward trend in savings. The rise of cashless payment options has made it easier than ever to spend money, resulting in more people splashing their cash electronically without giving it a second thought.

The golden noose syndrome invented by Wall Street bankers and gullibly accepted by millions of dumbed-down Americans.


Nothing new there. Nearly 20 years ago, I published a column in the Washington Times titled “PLUTOCRATS OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER – March 9, 1997 – This is how it started…

“A crude hand-painted sign on a run-down building in East Berlin, not far from the former “Checkpoint Charlie” crossing which once divided the West and the East, read as follows in July 1995:

The border runs not between the peoples, but between top and bottom.”

The implication? The Wall may be down, but the class differences remain.

Nowhere is this more pronounced than in the U.S.

This is where the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the Great American Divide between the relative “haves” and “have nots” has been growing wider and deeper in the last 30 years.

The share of the national wealth owned by the top 1 percent of Americans increased from 22 percent to 42 percent between 1979 and 1996, according to Rep. David Obey, Wisconsin Democrat. The top half percent of the U.S. population saw their wealth surge by 24 percent during the 1980s deregulation period – the so-called “Reaganomics” era.

The top 1 percent gained 12 percent; the top 5 percent increased 9 percent, while the bottom 60 percent of Americans experienced an overall decline in their net worth.”

Nearly 20 years later, we still keep hearing our plutocratic leaders tell us about how great life is in our country. It is not. It is not for most of our fellow citizens, as you can see from the above statistics.

So I encourage the would-be immigrants to America to do a turn-about-face and make the most of what they can do to improve life in their own countries. Not because Donald Trump says so. Nor because he wants to build a wall. Because if they come here, legally or otherwise, they will be joining the ranks of “Les Miserables” in this Land of Plutocrats.

By the way, if you want to emigrate to a country that really takes care of its citizens, try Japan, for example. By contrast to America, the average Japanese household had $171,000 in savings in 2013.


Makes you wonder who won the war, doesn’t it? The bankers, of course.

America: “Land of milk and honey?”  Only in Hollywood movies.


In the interest of truth and full disclosure, statistically, this writer might well be included among the plutocrats, although not the Plutocrats of the New World Order. I have been fortunate enough to earn enough for my family and myself over the decades the amounts that far exceed the average savings cited in this article. Don’t hold it against me.I credit this to God and to my spirit guides. They know I was once as poor as a mouse and eating lard and tuna fish from cans just to survive.